Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lee Byung Hun’s alleged ex interviews with Fuji TV

Lee Byung Hun is quite popular in Japan and it seems the country is quite interested in his alleged scandal with a Canadian Kyopo named Kwon Mi Yeon. Kwon Mi Yeon recently had a brief interview with Japan's Fuji TV.

In the interview Kwon Mi Yeon stated that Lee Byung Hun said that he loved her and she was "special," and that he wanted to be with her forever. Even though he never asked her for marriage, she took the last comment as a proposal to her. She stated she moved to Korea to be with him because of this and engaged in a sexual relationship. Despite claims of blackmail against Lee Byung Hun, she claims if Lee Byung Hun just apologized to her, then none of this would've happened.

Lee Byung Hun was just in Japan recently for the 'Hallyu's Four of A Kind' event, however he didn't answer any questions pertaining to the scandal. There's a lot of sketchy stuff going on, hopefully this is resolved soon. Thanks to mariah for the tip.

Quoted this from Allkpop.

* Just another way to got more attention...

but what make she look bad is when she loudly and clearly stated that LBH actually never ever did say he will take her as his wife... well yeah he did say he love her and want to be with her forever like I've never heard that before... why does she have to put herself in a place where people might judge her as 'goldigger', 'stupid...', and many more...

LBH might be the Bad Guy but he is not stupid right... if she is trying to get him back for what he have done... she should try other method besides LBH is not Tiger Wood... he don't have to worry about losing a wife... and I don't think he will lose any sponsors or something like that... hmm will he?

Here some of the comment that I quoted from allkpop... it's sure doesn't sound good...

"Wah wahh wahhh she got dumped. Silly, naive woman! It happens all the time, what, has she been living under a rock? She says an apology would have made everything all right, yeah right, what a lie…obviously the only thing that would have made it better for her is MONEY! " -Issa

"Girl, get over it. Just because he says he wanted to be with you forever, doesn’t mean he’s proposing to you. A lot of relationships are like that, guys telling the girl they want to be with them forever, they might’ve meant it at the time, but life happens, so you should just focus on getting over him rather than trying to sue him and ruin his career just because you’re hurt. (On a side note, if she really did love him, she wouldn’t exactly be doing this, intentionally trying to ruin him!)"-stickp

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