Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bloody Letters by fans.

Seriously... I wonder is it worth to do something like this? hurting yourself just to prove something... hmm I guess people who have this kind of habit or thinking or whatever people might want to call it... they're stupid, crazy, have no self respect and soooo boring.
And people who use their period blood... this one stupid, crazy and dirty... learn how to have a life and find someone real enough to show your love. I wonder if they're willing to cut their wrist or do something overboard just to show how much they love that person.

Here's the story part.
This fan slit her wrists with a knife and then used that blood to write Lee Joon (MBLAQ) a letter.

The letter was posted online with photos and she wrote:

"ㅋㅋ What up with Ok Taecyeon period letter? If you're gonna do one, at least do it right ㅋㅋ How dirty. Period blood? Act your age ㅜㅜㅋ Don't do that, but do it right. Do it right. Copying that ajumma who wrote that period letter"

The letter said:

"Lee Chang Sun (real name) don't forget me, you are everything to me. I love you. Remember that. Soojin"

And this one the dirtiest ever. This is so humiliating...

2PM’s fans were shocked and startled by the post made on an internet community site. It was a post made by one woman who wrote the words “Ok TaecYeon you cannot live without me,” but with her own blood.

“혈서” (Hyeolseo) is an act where someone would bite/cut commonly their finger, and write a message conveying the theme of passion and their ”intense” dedication. One woman fan committed this act to show her passion for the 2PM’s member, TaecYeon. When others started doubting, the owner of the hyeolseo posted an image of her underwear in blood.
Due to this horrifying act, many netizens are going into her mini homepage and leaving messages that even made the person apologize to the public for her actions toward TaecYeon’s fans and TaecYeon himself. She also added that she never knew that the matter was going to grow this big. Despite the apologizing statements, the netizens hate continued. The person who committed the act responded by saying, “In our country, witch hunts are severe. I feel bad for myself for being cursed by the netizens for doing an act that wasn’t criminal.” She also added, “Just be glad that I didn’t write it in my poop… the more you guys [netizens] come at me, I’m not going to back down” leaving the violent statement. With this statement, more and more netizens are joining in the hate against her currently.
2PM fans, Hottests are currently getting worried that 2PM and the 2PM fans will be harmed because of that one person.

Credit source: popasian

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