Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ninja Assassin VS New Moon

Last night cousins, my brother and I went to cinema...
While they keep arguing what to watch and telling why and so on... I walk silently to the counter and without waiting for their result I told the lady that I want 4 Ninja Assassin tickets and another 4 New Moon Tickets...

My brother look at me without a word and just hand me cash followed by my cousins...

The funny thing is they didn't say anything about watching Ninja Assassin... it was me who got excited and so eager to watch it... and I guess they agreed that I make a good one hahaha

Watching Ninja Assassin and then continue with New Moon... both are great on their own way...
but still if people ask me which movie I prefer to watch more than once... I'll vote NA

My elder and younger brother argue with me that NM was awesome and so on... and I agree with them but still I won't change my vote... why? because NM is nothing but a melodramatic love story that revolves around a girl who falling in love to a 'weird' looking vampire but also got special attention from the damn hot warewolf... I don't really care about the realistic coz I'm so againts people who tried so hard looking for realistic movies... the effect make the movie perfectly awesome... but I'm just not so into NM... I think reading and watching make it different... I've read the book and I think... I enjoyed reading than watching.

So what so great about NA... RAIN!!!! hahaha
Well of coz I'll say Rain is the first reason why I want to watch NA... but after watching the movie I just love it... maybe because I originally so into ninja's things so NA have make a great impact on me... I love how Mika shows her frightened... her simple gesture, her voice she make it great... I like how the story revolves around Raizo started from his childhood which show how he endure the pain, how he overcome the difficulties... the teenage Raizo... who learn what love is, who learn that his heart is special and gave it to his special one... and finally Raizo who fight for what he believes and what he love. Raizo who want to be free and Raizo who full of action.

The story line is simple but the fight was so real... I hardly close my eyes but scared to watch but it was great Love it...

New Moon or Nonja Assassin?

If you're looking for romantic vampire go for NM
but if you want some fighting full with blood plus hot Rain... go for NA
Let's See A Movie

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