Friday, December 4, 2009

Promise (Chapter3)

The following filming are the happiest moments since his debut. Although there are cameras and crews around, HJ is relaxed being able to stay by her side. He is enjoying every moment, every smile, Hyung Joon and the rest of the members couldn’t believe his change, their jaw almost dropped.

About the future, He and She are feeling the tacit understanding not to talk about it. He couldn’t make any commitment, even he did, she won’t believe it. He only wants to be with her spending a vacation that only belongs to them, spending this vacation together as a couple. These joyful moments are so precious that he feels like he is stealing them.

Now, the final farewell filming is done, HJ looks as if he lost the adequate reason to stay by her side. He is so worried yesterday that she will refuse him when he asked her to meet, fortunately, she agreed, he feels he become luckier after meeting her. HJ’s getting ready, leaving the dorm at 15:30.

15:30, HB already sitting in the café’s compartment, ordered a black coffee. Thinking back yesterday’s moment, she is really surprised that he ask to meet her today. Seeing him holding his breath waiting for her answer, the refusing words couldn’t slip out of her mouth. Today should be the last time, after today, they will become two parallel lines, probably won’t meet again. The memories with him are so beautiful, enough for her to memorize in her life, though she needs to force herself to get back on track. But why she feels like her heart is aching? Isn’t people said you will feel numb to the aching after you experienced the extreme pain?

HB once thought she was so lucky to meet the perfect man, she thought their love could carry on all the way and blossomed. But when the time their faithful vow was broken, it’s so painful that she spent two years trying to get through it, trying not to feel the aching from her heart when she’s alone at night. Unintentionally, she read a meaningful paragraph describing the fate between relationships:

“A man was drowned, and the body found lying on the beach naked, a lot of people walked by, some just ignored; some just pinpointing; A man stops by took off his cloth, covering the body, then walked away; At last, a man stay and help buried the body. The drowned man reincarnates, for the person who covered him he returns his gratitude for awhile; but he spends his life returning his gratitude for the one who stay and buried him.”

After reading this, she finally let go, time took away the wounding memories, only the beautiful ones stay. 8 years used up their fate together, she is not the one who buried him from previous life. Then who is the one buried her from previous life, does she miss him or is this person has not arrived yet?
Life goes on, filming variety show, releasing album, doing charity with In-Pyo & Shin Ae-ra couple, gathering with friends, HB fills her life with schedules, try not giving a free moment for herself. Someone said she’s strong, still the same General Hwangbo, nothing had changed. But she knows from the bottom of her heart, she’s changed, she’s not looking forward, not dreams nor anticipates.


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