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Promise (Chapter 10 & 11)

Chapter 10:
HB went back to the waiting room after the shooting, Kyu Jong and the other two are already waiting for her.

“You guys waited for long?”

“No, we just finished.”

“Wait for nuna.” HB said.

“Yes, we will wait outside.” The three of them went out and close the door.

She quickly removes the make-up, changes her clothes, then put on a little make-up (the famous BB cream ).

Walking out of the room, she says, “Let’s go.”

“Nuna, you are fast.”

She smiles at HJB, “Are you hungry?”

“Yep, I will eat a lot later.”

They walked in the restaurant nearby the TV station, because of the location, basically the customers are mostly entertainers, people already get used to this, and it’s more comfortable for them to have meal here.
They chose a table closer to the end, HB asked them to order, and she went to say hi to people she knows. When she came back, the dishes are ready.

“Nuna, you know a lot of people.” HJB amazed.

“It’s stranger if nuna doesn’t know people in my age.” She smiles.

“You both eat more, nuna can’t eat that much after 6.” She starts to help grilling.

“Let us do it, nuna doesn’t need to do it.” KKJ took the tongs from her hand.

She looks at them, they have very different personalities, Hyung Joon is energetic, Kyu Jong is considerate, Young Saeng is quite.

“Are you three ok by your own?” She’d been in a group before, she understand it feels weird even with one member absent.

“It’s weird in the beginning, but now it’s ok.” KKJ answered while flipping the food on the grill.

HJB jumps in said, “But there’s advantage, Hyun Joong Hyung and Jung Min talk mostly in the interviews before, I don’t get a chance to talk, now Young Saeng Hyung will let me and Kyu Jong talk during the interview.”

Talking to them, Hyun Joong’s name will unavoidable been mentioned. She found out from before that the way he treated the members are quite different from how he treats her.

“Knowing Hyun Joong Hyung persists even though it has been really hard for him, we have to work hard too.”

“Nuna, do you know? Hyung hasn’t sleep on the bed for awhile already.”

She knows that it’s been hard for him, but don’t know to this extend, “Why?” She burst out.

“Seems like he came back to the dorm only for shower, and to change clothes, then he has to go again, he can only sleep 2 to 3 hours a day in the car.” HJB said.

KKJ put the prepared food on her dish, nodded too.

“He lost a lot of weight.”

Hearing HJB telling her his condition, remembering that night seeing his thin shadow, emotion suddenly surge in.
She softly coughs and drinks the tea slowly to control her emotion.

A familiar voice suddenly calls her, “Nuna”

HB looks up and saw Yunho and YooChun standing besides the table.

“You came here too, such a coincident.” Yunho said to her after he greets the other boys.

“Yep, such a coincident.”

“Since we met, nuna, why don’t we sit together?” YooChun suggests.
When she almost starts to answer, HJB interrupts, “No way, we are the one who invite nuna today.”

HJB with his defensive expression seems like someone invades his territory.

Watching HJB’s expression, she could just smile and say to YooChun, “Next time then, I will invite only you guys, nuna remembers I owe you a dinner.”

YooChun humph and say to HJB, “Skinflint.”

HJB makes back funny faces to him.

Yunho and YooChun sit close to them, they could see each other clearly.

“Aren’t you guys’ good friends? Why don’t we sit together?” She asked HJB.

“That’s different, nuna said you are inviting only us for dinner today.” HJB still has the defensive look on his face.

“Ok, Ok.” HJB is so cute with his expression, HB’s putting the prepared food on his dish, “Eat more.”

She turns to look over Yunho’s table, finding Yunho’s also looking at her, she smiles back to him.

HYS suddenly asks, “Nuna, are you close to Yunhos’?”

She remembered Yunho asked the same question today, couldn’t hold back her smile, “Yep, already 5 to 6 years, kids are all grown up.”

“I heard, Yunho’s and YooChun’s ideal type is nuna.” HJB said.

“Look like so, that’s nothing, they are just returned me a flavour.”
She doesn’t think this topic needs to be discussed.

Meanwhile, HJB’s phone rang, he took it out and says, “it’s Hyun Joong Hyung.”

Chapter 11:

HJB picks up the phone,

“Hyung, is it your free time now?”

“Yep, the shooting goes smooth today.”

“Do you know who is with us now?”

“Hwang Bo nuna, she treats us for gogi gui.”

“Yep, I know.”

“Just one sec, I will give it to Hwang Bo nuna.”

Looking at the cell phone hands over by HJB, she hesitates awhile, but still takes it over.

The time when HJB said it’s HJ’s call, she could feel the blood froze, feel her throat locked couldn’t make a voice.

She wants to say she doesn’t want to take it, but she couldn’t think of a reason not to, and it looks weirder if she doesn’t.

She tries hard to sustain herself and takes the phone.

She never thought of hearing him in this kind of situation, and she is definitely not prepared emotionally.

His familiar laid-back tone came out from the phone, “Hello, hello”
She finally make a voice, “Hello”, she thought it sounds husky herself.

Silence falls in his end, and she doesn’t know what to say either.

After awhile, she said, “Are you alright?”
At the same time, in his end, “Are you alright?”

She laughs, and she heard him laughs too, it’s been a long time, but their strange tacit senses are still there.

“Why is your voice so husky? You didn’t sleep well?”

Hearing this from a person who doesn’t have a chance to sleep well, she feels her emotion is going to spill over. She’s clearing her throat, trying to subside her emotion,

“I slept late last night, how about you? Still got insomnia?”

He laughs, “Insomnia is too luxury, I could sleep now even when I’m still standing.”

“Try to grab as much sleep as possible, ate more, try to have some herbal supplements……”

She suddenly stops, finding herself talking incessantly because she feel sad for him, but couldn’t find the right to do so, she doesn’t know what to do next.

“Ok” he said frivolously, “I’m so happy, I haven’t heard from you for almost two months.”

Yep, almost two months, she told herself.

She doesn’t say anything after, and he too.
Although the restaurant is noisy, but she could clearly hear his breathing.
Just silently listening his breathing, unexpectedly makes her feel calm, her intense shoulder feels like loosen up.

“The director is calling me, could you pass back the phone to Hyung Joon?”

She could hear more noise from his end, seems like more people are surrounding him.
She hands back the phone to HJB.

“Sure, understand, don’t worry.”

He hangs up, “Hyung said make sure to bring nuna home after dinner.”

“But I drove.”

“No problem, then drove nuna’s car, we will take a cab back to the dorm afterward.”

Seems like they have to fulfil what Hyun Joong told them, although she doesn’t think there’s anything to worry about, the gang of Choong Jae always teased that tigers will even walk away from her try to avoid her. But the feeling of being take care of, feels really good.

Actually, she feels anxious about meeting HJ again, she couldn’t foresee what she gonna do, what she gonna say when they met again. Talking to him on the phone is out of her imagination, but she doesn’t feel the embarrassment she thought she will have, everything seems so natural as before. This cognition makes her feel relax, light-hearted.

They have a good time tonight, chatting about the blind dates she arranged for HJB and KKJ, asking if they have any progress.
KKJ said they exchanged phone numbers, he only been sent her message.
While she’s passing on dating experience to KKJ, Yunho and YooChun walk by.

“Nuna, we are going on the same direction, we would drive you home when you are done.”

“It’s okay, Hyung Joon said they will drive me home.” She smiles at Yunho and said.
Yunho turns to Hyung Joon, “Isn’t your dorm in the opposite direction?”

“Hyun Joong Hyung asked us to, we have to make sure we bring nuna home safe and sound.” HJB replied.

“Hyun Joong? ……” Yunho surprisingly looks at her.

Abruptly talks about him, she feels a bit embarrassed, but still smiling at Yunho,

“Not a problem, don’t worry, you go ahead, and rest well.”

They chat a bit more after Yunho and YooChun left, knowing she feels tired, they round up and drove her home, then, they left.

She went to bed right after shower, dreamed of a starry sky, a man lying next to her watching the stars with her, she couldn’t see clearly his face, but she feels secure lying next to him hearing his breathing.


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