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Promise (Chapter 5)

5 minutes to 4pm, HJ arrived, looks refreshed, those dark eye circles subdued.
He ordered a coffee after greeting to her, “Did you wait for long?”
“No, I just arrived.” HB said.
“Are you not sleeping well? You didn’t look too good.” HJ said.

She smiles bitterly, “Still fine, probably too tired, didn’t sleep well.”
“Me too, my body is so sore. I can still see the darkness in front of me when I ever think of it. Buin and I created the Legend.” He smiles at her.

She stops him. She said, “Hyun Joong, don’t call me Buin anymore, the show ended, I am not your Buin, and you are no longer Shilang1.”

“O,” His dejected expression shows,

“Actually I want to thank you Hyun Joong for doing that much for me, I got all those happy memories, I will not forget.” HB said.

He is silently listening expressionless.
“Although the show ended yesterday, we meet today so that we can say final farewell to each other. Next time when we meet, we will be the senior junior relationship.”
HB afraid to stop, continues, “Probably Hyun Joong will have something to say to me personally for the final farewell.”

His gaze passed through her focusing on somewhere at her back. Seeing him wandering around, she sighed, “Hyun Joong……., Hyun Joong, are you listening?”

He focus back, “Yep……I am listening. But…..I got distress recently, don’t know if I could talk about it?”

“……..What’s that?”
“I want to sincerely say final goodbye, but I have not think through yet, recently, when I want to think of something else, the memorized script are starting to fade out, ……., it’s seems like I used up my memory capacity. If I want to add on something, other thing in mind has to be deleted, what shall I do?”

She wordlessly looking at him, he licks his lips a bit and continues, “You know what, my script from BOF2 is extremely mushy, ‘With white sail and wind, there’s nowhere I cannot go’ this kind of script is really there, whenever I think of it, I got goose bumps. I thought picking stars is the extreme for mushy words, now, picking stars sounds like normal conversation compare to the script.” He said bitterly.

Picturing him trying to smooth out the goose bumps while saying those mushy scripts, she cannot hide her smile, “Then……you have to put on extra effort, work hard.”
There is voice from her mind reminding her, she can’t be distracted, and she needs to put an end today. She holds her smile.
“……WGM had wrapped up, now, you could concentrate on the drama, nuna will always cheer you up.”

His smile fades away, divert his attention looking down on his cell phone.
Speechless for awhile, “You never thought of other possibility, are you?” He looks back up, his voice deepen.

“……Hyun Joong……I don’t know how to say, this is probably why this show is dreadful, it will make you confused between make-believe and reality.” HB said.

HJ keeps his silence.
“I too sometimes get illusion, thought that I really got married, but Hyun Joong…… This after all is a show. Once the show is over, we have to get out from the character we played.”

HJ curl his lip, remains expressionless.
“Being able to be with Hyun Joong for 6 months as a make-believe couple, I am satisfied, really.” Feeling the sudden warmth surge from her chest, she clears her throat.
He stare in her eyes deeply, HB could feel her trembling heartbeat, she turn from his gaze.

“Yep, it’s a show, but we are not acting someone else, we are 100% Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo Hye Jung, aren’t we?" HJ asked.
“Although it is, but……”
He stopped her.
“Why can’t you consider? Because of my idol’s image? Or because of my age?”

HB sighed, how could life be this simple? He doesn’t know, he’s still too young.
“It’s so clear that this is not possible, why should we consider? It is meaningless. You worked your way up for so long, and you started to obtain what you wanted, you cannot be distracted now. Seeing you gradually achieve your dream, I am sincerely feeling happy for you.”

HJ feels frustrated, he rubbing his sore eyes.
“You firmly believe you are not in my future.”

She feels her heart aching, seeing this side of him.
“……Hyun Joong, don’t do that……It may be hard for you to withdraw from your feeling now, but after awhile……after awhile you will be able to forget what you feel now.”

“……Really?......Should we bet?” HJ asked.

She is surprised with his suggestion, she couldn’t response right away.
“Betting?……What kind of bet?”

“Maybe I could try, like what you said, giving some time for me to withdraw from the illusion. If my feeling change, you win; if my feeling remain, then I win.” HJ said.

“What kind of bet is this?......What will we get if we won?” She is confused.
“If you won, we will treat each other the way you describe; If I won, could I request you to seriously consider our possibility?” HJ said.

HB’s looking at him, she feels cruel if she refuses his tiny request. Even if she gives him some time, what could be changed? Let this be the last thing she would do for him.
Considered a bit, “OK, let this be the last thing I would do for you, but we should set a period.”

Hearing she agrees, HJ shows his relaxing expression, “How about till the end of BOF filming?”

That will be around 5 to 6 months, she thought, almost the same time fame as their make-believe relationship, should be sufficient.
“Ok, confirm.”

End Note:

1 Shilang – This term refers to Groom in Korean. This is how Hwangbo calls Hyun Joong in WGM.

2 BOF – Boys Over Flower is a Korean Drama adaptation of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango. It ran from January 5, 2009 to March 31, 2009 on KBS2TV. Kim Hyun Joong acts as Yun Ji Hoo, one of the F4 members. Because of this drama, he and Hwang Bo wrapped up their appearance in WGM.

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