Monday, December 21, 2009

Lee Byung Hun was diagnosed with swine flu during IRIS

Actor Lee Byung Hun revealed that he was diagnosed with swine flu during filming for the drama IRIS, but kept the diagnosis a secret until now.

Jung Tae Won of TaeWon Entertainment, the production company of KBS 2TV IRIS, stated,

"Lee Byung Hun was actually declared positive for the H1N1 virus, but continued his filming regardless. To prevent from spreading, the staffs and actors were told to wear a mask."

Another representative revealed,

"Lee Byung Hun showed mild symptoms of cold on the day of Blue Dragon Movie Awards (December 2). He visited the hospital to receive the medications but received a checkup for the H1N1 virus just in case.

The day after the hospital visit, we were told the results were positive and immediately began to give Lee Byung Hun Tamiflu. He was only able to receive an hour of sleep that day and continued his midnight filmings. Luckily, Lee fully recovered after only a couple of days .

The team was filming the GwangHwaMun shooting scene where no close contact was needed, so none of the others were infected. That includes the staff, friends, managers and families. "

Credit Source: allkpop

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