Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Moon Geun Young To Return as Cinderella’s Step-sister

A new drama is in the making and Moon Geun Young is confirmed for the lead role. This upcoming drama is sure starting out on a good note!

The new drama is called Cinderella's Sister will air after Chuno which itself replaces IRIS in the new year.

One of the representatives for the drama stated, "We just got Moon Geun Young on board and are starting to get ready for the drama. She will play Cinderella's sister and be the villain in the show. The drama will be from the perspective of Cinderella's step-sister instead of Cinderella's point of view."

This is Moon Geun Young's comeback after a year and three months away from the spotlight after Painter of the Wind. Many netizens are waiting intently to see Moon Geun Young play the villain for once, a contrast to her previous roles.

This modern version of Cinderella will come to KBS in March of 2010.


* Roll seriously happy. Finally she'll be back. And Cinderella's sister sound interesting enough. Glad that they come up with something like this. I too want to know what it's look like to stay on the well known evil sister shoes, what's on her head, what will she do and so on. I bet this will be another HIT drama next year.

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