Thursday, December 10, 2009

Promise (Chapter 6)

Afterward, besides the two regular shows, her working schedules got packed up because of her appearance in WGM. HB could once again feel the popularity which is so illusory. Life seems like getting back on track for HB, work schedules, friends gathering, help out in Orphanage and senior home with Shin Ae-ra’s group.
Of course, if she is not counting the questions related to him and WGM during interviews, and receiving his weird SMS messages at times, there’s really nothing much changed.

Actually, she’s lucky, MBC revised the format of WGM, starting to divert away from reality show. For the participants in Season one, the media reports generously, didn’t pinpointing their relationship after the show, only simple and harmless questions were asked to fulfil fans’ curiosity.

Despite of this, those questions still make her nervous.
In fact, his weird clueless SMS messages are the ones that made her most nervous. From the time he left for his overseas filming, she always received his strange messages without stating to and from whom.

“There are a lot of lizards in the island, the native treat them like God.”
“The sea is so blue here.”
“I caught a fish, they said it’s a Shark, its strange looking.”
“I had sandwiches for 3 to 4 days already, I even dreamed of having gogi gui1.”
“The Kiss scene filmed today, so nervous.”
Those messages, she doesn’t know what to do with them in the beginning, not knowing if she is going to reply, considered several times, she decided not to, as long as she remains calm, then it won’t take long for him to get back on track.

He will probably stop sending, knowing that he won’t get responses back.
But that’s not the case, he keeps sending those messages like soliloquies, saying minor things.
Slowly, HB starts to get used to these messages, picturing his expression when he said those things, even started to look forward.

Always been asked if they contacted each other, HB could only answer no, of course not, right? Messages that do not need to reply shouldn’t count, should it?

Doesn’t know what happen recently, her admirers popped up everywhere, some through relatives, some through friends, wanting to meet with her. She found this absurd, they thought of her as the perfect wife just by judging from her appearance in WGM, they really venture a lot.

Although she’s been setting up blind date for her friends, she actually doesn’t like it at all, she simply not paying attention to it.

To be continue...


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