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Promise (Chapter 7)

HB received a call from JunJin during IG1 shooting, said it’s been a long time since they gathered, asking if she’s free at night. She just happened to be free, so they confirm to meet at 9pm in the club they often go.

She arrived 20 minutes early, went in the private room, Andy arrived already, but JunJin has not.

“Who else are coming? HB asks Andy.
“I’m filming when Hyung called, I don’t get a chance to ask.” Andy said. “What do you want to drink?”
“Red wine then.” Andy gives her a glass of red wine.

While they are talking about Andy’s new show, JunJin arrived, Yunho2 follows.
HB greets JunJin.
Yunho and Andy hug to say hi, then turning to her.

“nuna, long time no see.” Yunho said.
“Hi, Yunho, I know you came back to Korea, but didn’t get a chance to meet. How have you been, everything ok?" HB said.

“Quite good, I happen to call Jinnie3 Hyung today, and Hyung said he got a gathering today, so I come with him.” Yunho said.
“Haven’t meet for a long time, it’s good to gather, sit down.” She said.
Yunho sits next to her.
HB doesn’t know Yunho is coming, but this is not strange, Choong Jae often brings Yunho with him when they gathered, this starts before Yunho’s debut.
She likes this Dongsung4, he got strength, not afraid to take challenges, not impetuous. Although she went through a lot because of the [Love Letter] incident, she did not blame anyone. Been in this industry for so long, she knew she crossed the line carelessly, she just took it as a lesson. But Yunho seems to take it by heart, she could feel the apology from him. She already told him not to care about it, but looks like he still cares, she can’t help but just let it be. Probably because of this, she always is his ideal type whenever he was asked.

It’s been almost two years, he looks more mature, perhaps because he needs to take more responsibilities being a leader.
The other leader pops up in her mind, most likely he is fighting for his dream now.
Ai…… Why she has to think of him, she shakes her head trying to get him out of her mind.

The cell phone’s screen flash indicates a new message received, it’s from the one whom she’s trying hard flush out of her mind.
“Finally coming back tomorrow; gogi gui, soju5, I am coming.”
Imagining his satisfied expression when he had gogi gui and soju, she can’t put off her smile.
Her tranquil heart starts ripple again.

“What’s the matter?” JunJin asked, seeing her daze at the cell phone.
“O, nothing……” She said. Ignoring the strange feeling she has, she looks up at JunJin. “Who’s coming today?
“Not many, just caught Yunho, Min Woo couldn’t come, Hye Sung is on his way.” JunJin said.

JunJin starts to drink, she smiles, watching the way JunJin drinks. After the drunken incident happened two years ago, he restrains himself a lot, holding back, not drinking furiously.

Hye Sung arrives soon after, they chat about Eric and Dong Wan and their condition in the Army, then leads to JunJin because he will be joining the Army soon.
“The admission time may be postponed. The actual admission date hasn’t been confirmed yet.” JunJin said.

JunJin is the MC for two hot variety shows, also acting in the sitcom drama, he’s been very busy. People said he is in his second climax in his career, but she knows how hard he worked to achieve it, he never complained even in the hardest time, never let down the name of Shinhwa. Mature through time, but the warmth and sincere still remains.
HB and Choong Jae are the same type of person, watching him seems like watching herself.

“Hwang Bo ar, I got more popular because of you recently.” JunJin said.
Hearing Choong Jae talking about her, HB puzzled. “What are you talking about? ...... Are you drunk?”
“Do you know how many calls I got, begging me to introduce them to you?” JunJin said.
“That’s right, that’s right, I got those too.” Andy joined.
“From the powerful General Hwang Bo suddenly becomes the recognized best bride, the world changes so fast.”
JunJin pats on her shoulder.
“Let me arrange for you, let me be the gate keeper scanning and to choose the right one using your standards ‘the one who doesn’t talk much, but caring and detail, not Blood Type A, not someone from entertainment, not someone younger’, how’s that?”

Unexpectedly becomes the center of discussion, they are looking at HB, Yunho even rounded his eyes waiting for her answer, she’s stunned.
“O, I forgot, seeing you and Kim Hyun Joong match well in WGM, then ‘not someone from entertainment and not someone younger’ are these standards changed?” JunJin said.

HB feels embarrassed when JunJin suddenly mentioned WGM, she gives a baffling smile.
“What’s the matter with you, you know already, I never like this kind of thing, judging from first sight, looks like putting yourself on the scale as product.” She beckons with her hand, doesn’t want to continue the topic.

“How could I join the Army without helping you to find someone trustworthy?” JunJin exaggerate pretending to hold his heart, everyone starts laughing.

“Try to get hold of yourself; I don’t need you to worry.” HB said.

The topic finally ended, Hye Sung talks about his promotion on his album, JunJin and Andy also talk about their album.
HB finally relaxed, but JunJin’s questions still spinning around her head. ‘Does my standard change? Could I accept someone from the entertainment or someone younger?’ She asked herself, seems like she still could not accept, but how about him? He is an idol and he is younger, why her lifelong standard seems so weak in front of him?
Ai …… Stop thinking, they ended already.
She’s trying to focus back on their topics, turns around seeing Yunho drinking silently.

“What’s wrong? Yunho, are you alright?”
He smiles at her, “I’m ok.”
“I haven’t congratulated you yet, your album is very well done.” HB said.
“Thank you, that’s happened only because everyone’s contribution and hard work.” Yunho’s sitting straight, looking at her and said, “Nuna……”
“Hmm…. What do you want to tell nuna? No problem, tell me.”
Seeing Yunho hesitates, HB pats on his shoulder.
“Nuna …… You haven’t answered Junnie Hyung’s question, is your standard …… really changed?”

Out of her expectation, Yunho is indeed curious on this question, she doesn’t know how to answer.
But she cannot pretend hasn't seen his sincere eyes.
“I don’t know either.” She replied softly.

to be continue....
End Note:

1 IG – Infinity Girls is a Korean Variety Show, which consists of 6 female MCs. Hwang Bo Hye Jung, is one the MCs.

2 Yunho – The leader of Korean Boy Band TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi), born February 6, 1986. His management company is SM Entertainment. Debut in 2004, he got a long history being a trainee before debut, the other 4 TVXQ members are Kim Jae Joong, Park YooChun, Kim Junsu and Shim Changmin. TVXQ and SS501 are friends personally, especially Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Jae Joong and Park YooChun, they always drinking together. During Yunho’s trainee time, Shinhwa and he are both under SM Entertainment, JunJin from Shinhwa likes him and that’s the time he got to know Hwang Bo. Being a junior, Hwangbo treats him well. In 2005, Hwangbo and Yunho appeared on the “Hot Topic” show [Love Letter]. During the show, both Yunho and Yoochun chose her as partner (PD scripted this); because of this TVXQ’s fan attacked Hwangbo, and there are anti-Hwangbo events. Ever since debut, Hwangbo’s name was always mentioned whenever Yunho and Yoochun were asked about their ideal girlfriend. On 2008-10-13, during the radio show, Mnet My Favorite, Yunho described his ideal type so close to Hwangbo that the Host, Kim Kyung Rok, said Hwangbo is the person he described.

3 Jinnie – JunJin’s nickname.

4 Dongsung – A younger brother.

5 Soju – A distilled beverage native to Korea


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