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Promise (Chapter4)

Through WGM, Knowing and understanding Hyun Joong is a surprise. In the beginning, she takes the show only because her PD friend is begging her asking her to help out due to Alshin couple's departure, but half a year had passed she doesn’t even noticed. From the awkward beginning to getting familiar, attraction towards him grows slowly, the fluttering and tumbling from her heart that she has not feel for a long time moves her. She feels unbelievable for her to have these feelings towards a man who is six years younger.

After the studio shoot of her 100th day wedding photo shoot, Andy and her went out for dinner, they went to the restaurant they visited a lot.

“The response and the sales of your new album are quite good, you feel proud, aren’t you?” HB said.

“Although it is more tiring when 6 of us performing as Shinhwa, but you feel more secure emotionally. Now I have to do everything, I feel more stress. I am happy I can achieve this level for my album” Andy said.

“I understand, but the other 5 members always got your back supporting you,” She could understand Andy, remembering at the time Chakra got disbanded; she felt the same stress as Andy being a solo singer.

“You Dream! When I said I am going to release a solo album, they all jeered at me, when I done my ‘lovesong showcase’, Eric sent me a sms asking me ‘You are no longer in the age of acting cute, are you making a gag by acting cute?’” Andy complained with a smile, she laughs, she knew this is the way how they show their care to each other, boisterous and frivolous, but they treat each other like a family, the strongest bond.

Andy ask, “How about you? I guess you are starting to promote your EP, am I hearing you say it’s Tecktonik?”
HB replied, “Wanna try something new, this is the kind of music I’m interested right now, hopefully fans will accept it.”

“Yep, I think my album will not do as well if I didn’t join WGM, having debuted for 10 years, this is the first time I got that much attention from the Ajashi1 and Ajema2.” Andy said

“Yes, didn’t expect we got this high viewing rating. There are times I got myself confused, being said its make-believe, but it didn’t feel like make-believe, very strange feeling. How about you?” She wants to know if Andy got the same feeling.

Andy considered awhile, putting down his chopsticks, looking serious suddenly, “I can clearly tell between make-believe and reality, but Hwang Bo, are you digging in too deep, I wants to tell you, Man could tell the differences better than woman.”

HB looks at him, a great friend for years, she felt a bit confounded, but she’s touched, knowing that Andy is worrying about her, don’t want her to get hurt.
“Ok, Ok, don’t be that serious, I will pay attention.”

After their conversation, she always thought of what Andy said during the filming. When he tries to get close to her, she keeps getting around him consciously, until she was notified that they will make their exit because of his busy schedule. She thought the Ssangchu Marathon would be the last filming, they did a lot of things that they didn’t do before, trying to create more memories together.
She never thought that he will choose to continue, she really want to know the reason. Although she could guess a little, she wanted to hear it from him. When he asked to talk to her after the Ant tour, they met alone for the first time, No Cameras, No Crews. They met in this Café, even in the same compartment, she’d been thinking several times, what if he told her the things she guess of, how would she reject him? “Wanting to go to the amusement park with her”, that’s the reason she never thought of, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He always messes up her way of thinking, but strangely, she feel relaxed.

When HB got home, she considered a long while, finally pick up the phone and called Andy,

“Hello, Andy, I didn’t disturb, did I?”
“No, I’m at home.” Andy said.
“I just came back from filming, I am not get used to not seeing you in the filming.” HB said
“Really? Just call, we could gather anytime, do you want to ask me something?” Andy asked.

It’s worth to be friends with, he understands her, HB asked “I want to ask, how you feel after leaving WGM?”
“Feeling, hmm…..” Andy stops for a while, “A bit not used to it, a bit regretted; but the stress and the burden feeling has ease a lot.”

“A, couldn’t it be that……., filming for that long, aren’t you not feeling any affection?” HB cannot understand why Andy could be this clam.

“There is someone treating you good, of course will be touched, but that’s not enough, I cannot give the love Solbi3 want, and Solbi doesn’t know what I want. This is not wise for both of us to dig deeper.” Andy said it slowly, she admired Andy for sticking to his rationality.

“I thought I am leaving the show too, facing him today is embarrassing, after the filming he……talked to me.” HB said.
“O, what did he talk about? Is he confessing to you?” Andy laughs.

“I thought he is going to, I’m so nervous, getting ready to reject him if he did, but he said he choose to continue because he wants to go to the amusement park with me, and we agreed we will enjoy the following filming, treat it as a vacation.” HB confused.

“Ha Ha Ha, he’s really a unique person, he does not have the same kind of thinking.” Andy laughs.

“But I feel relieve and relax after he said so.” HB said.

“I talked to Eric a few days ago, he said although Kim Hyun Joong is young, but he knows, he will not do things too outlandishly.” Andy said.

HB feels strange, “Why are you two talks about him? Eric didn’t know Hyun Joong well, did he?”

“Eric watched you and Hyun Joong’s portion in WGM as well.”

“Really? He watched mine too? Isn’t he busy filming the TV drama? I didn’t expect him to have time watching it.” HB said.

“Yep, He will find a way to do it if he wants to. Actually what Hyun Joong said is quite convincing, the show must go on, so relax and don’t think too much, don’t stress yourself out, I think Hyun Joong could handle it.” Andy replied.

“Arr?...... Why are you having that much confident on Hyun Joong all the sudden? I thought you will tell me to make it clear between make-believe and reality.” She is shocked to what Andy said.

“Me?......I just believe in Eric.”

“True.” She nodded. This is an adequate reason, Eric never let them down.

“Andy ar, thank you, did I tell you before, I thought you are more mature than Choong Jae4 and me, you look more like an elder brother.” HB said.

“No, never heard of it, but don’t just tell me, next time, remember to tell Hyung too.” Andy laughs.

For the following filming, she was actually loosen up, what’s going to happen in the future is in the future, she’s not considered things that happened later, not drawn the line when he’s getting closer, just following the heart, no struggling, no worries. She got to do the things she wanted to do for him, preparing the family gathering in the house, making Samgyetang5 for him, even the farewell is what she wanted, going back to Jeju-do where they first met, climbing Halla Mountain.

Their fate together has ended; there shouldn’t be any lust after.

End note:

1 Ajashi – A term in Korean to describe an older man who is a generation older, like uncle .
2 Ajema – A term in Korean to describe an older woman who is a generation older, like aunt.
3 Solbi – The make-believe wife of Andy in WGM.
4 Choong Jae – The real name of JunJin (Shinhwa), Hwang Bo usually called his real name cuz they knew each other before his debut.
5 Samgyetang – The Ginseng Chicken Soup, the soup Hwangbo prepared for Hyun Joong in Episode 37.

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