Monday, December 14, 2009

Lee Byung Hun Under Fire For Luring Girl Into Bed.

Lee Byung Hun of IRIS and G.I. Joe is under fire for supposedly toying with a girl.

22 year old Kwon Mi Yeon from Canada, claims to be Lee Byung Hun's ex-girlfriend. She also claims that Lee Byung Hun tricked her into bed by promising marriage, and has suffered emotionally as a result.

On the 8th, Kwon Mi Yeon filed a $100,000 claim with the Seoul Central District Court against Lee Byung Hun for damages and emotional suffering.

Prior to meeting Lee Byung Hun, Kwon Mi Yeon was attending York University and majoring in Rhythmic Gymnastics as a National athlete for Canada. She claims to have met him in September 2008, while Lee Byung Hun came to Toronto, Canada to promote his movie "The Good, The Bad, The Weird."

Kwon Mi Yeon stated:

I was introduced to Lee Byung Hun through an acquaintance. He gave me tickets to his movie and we become closer naturally. Shortly after, Lee Byung Hun left for New York, but called me regularly. About 1 week later, towards the end of September, Lee Byung Hun came back to Toronto and we began our full-fledged relationship.

She also stated that after Lee Byung Hun left for Korea, they still kept in touch via phone and email:

At the end of last year, I visited Korea and spent around 10 days with him at his home. Lee Byung Hun also introduced me as his girlfriend to his mother, younger sister and of course his friends.

Kwon also revealed:

The sponsor of Lee Byung Hun, Chairman A told me, "I will let you continue your career in athletics as well as academics by supporting you through college, so leave Canada for Korea to live with Lee Byung Hun." So I left Canada to go to Seoul last July (2009) and lived with him in an apartment in the district of Jamshil. But not even 3 months in, I was thrown out. After I arrived in Korea, Lee Byung Hun's attitude changed. After he kicked me out, he put ~$10,000 as a deposit for a ~$700 rental apartment for me. Afterwards, he has ignored me as if he doesn't even know me.

Kwon Mi Yeon finished off by stating:

I think that this big celebrity used his fame and fortune to take advantage of me and only use me for entertainment, then threw me away. This is why I submitted this complaint.

Lee Byung Hun's legal representative stated:

Kwon Mi Yeon and the people around her have been threatening Lee Byung Hun (victim). We plan to investigate this issue.

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*wah... what is going on. Lee Byung Hun playing around fooling a girl... argh!!! I don't know... maybe there is something. Just need to add up more to know what really happened.

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  1. tough luck, that's how people are , celebrity or not besides he is well known for being a playboy so..