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Promise (Chapter 12 & 13)

Chapter 12

HB got a new show, confirmed to be filmed in Hong Kong1. The most exciting thing for her is, she got a chance to learn the professional make-up techniques from the maestro, and maybe she could even get the make-up artist certificate.

HJ’s filming in Macau2, before he leaves, he sent her a message. It’s been 3 days already since his last message.

She is a bit worry, he at least sent her a message in 2 days, but it’s been 3 days now, is there something happened to him? She’s been searching the internet, nothing was released, but no news is good news.

She thought of asking the young masters, HBJ and KKJ, but give up the idea, she don’t know how to start.

She also thought of sending him a message instead, but she drafts then changed, again drafts then changed, after finding herself doing the same thing over and over, she knows she couldn’t send.

She could only wait……
Every time a message received, she will immediately pick up the phone to see if the message is from him.

Habit is a horrible thing; she still remembered how puzzled she was when she first started to receive those weird messages from him, now, she is so fidgety not receiving them.

Tomorrow, she’s going to Hong Kong. HB made up her mind, at mid-night, if she did not received a message from him, she will send him one telling him her filming in Hong Kong.

Time passes minute by minute, 11:50pm, she sighed, didn’t put her hope up, and finally pick up the phone.

Suddenly, a message received, it’s from him.
Smile got shows up on her face.

“They are rushing to film my part these days, finally got a chance to take a break.”

“Make sure to grab as much sleep as possible, I will go to Hong Kong tomorrow, filming around a week.” HB replied quickly.

Another message from him came in shortly,

“Will you film in Macau?”

“I don’t know, probably not.”

“Too bad”

“Let’s focus back on filming.”

She put the phone down, her nerve-racking heart finally settles down. Getting a good night sleep, her Hong Kong journey starts. On her arrival, the Hong Kong crews arranged transportation and bring them to the hotel. Their hotel is in Causeway Bay. This is not the first time HB visited Hong Kong, she loves this cosmopolitan city, and you could feel the energetic mode of the city. Slightly settled down in the hotel, they went directly to Bobbi Brown, the sponsor of this show, and to confirm the filming schedule. Bobbi Brown sent their famous international make-up maestro, Sebastian, to work with HB, she will work as Sebastian’s student, learning all the make-up techniques and applications. Sebastian is very nice and patient. Just his passionate welcome hug is a bit too much for her to bear, she feels shy. Time flies while she’s learning the make-up techniques that she most interested in, the filming process is so enjoyable and rewarding.

She successfully received the professional make-up artist certificate.

Last day of filming is about her going around Hong Kong sightseeing, it went smoothly. They thought it will take the whole day, but they are done around 3pm. They are going back to Korea tomorrow morning, since they finished off early, the crews got some spare time themselves. Most of them are going shopping, some are going to taste different foods in Hong Kong.

Her two photographer friends ask her if she wants to join them to visit Macau for some photos.

While she’s still considering, her voice reacts faster than her mind, she hears herself say “Sure”, and she is shock.

They take the ferry to Macau, and it takes only an hour to go from Hong Kong. Arrived in Macau, they go directly to the famous A-Ma Temple, and took a lot of photos.

Coming out from the temple, it’s around early evening.

They took some snacks from the street, the two photographers are excitedly looking at the bright lights from the Casino, wanting to try their luck.

But she’s not interested, so they confirm to meet in the ferry terminal at 10pm, and she’s going to walk around by her own.

Walking in the street in a foreign country, she found herself enjoying it, it feels relax and peaceful.

She told HJ a few days ago that she’ll not be able to come to Macau, but now, she’s strolling in Macau by herself.

By the time she arrived Hong Kong, the messages he sent are like ‘I’m filming in this and that location’, or ‘I’m changing to this hotel today’, those are unfamiliar places to her, all she could reply is an interjection, “oa!”

Couldn’t figure out what he meant by that, he is totally impalpable.

All of a sudden, a thought catches her, is he anticipate her to come to Macau? Anticipating her to look for him?

When these questions flash in mind, she feels the upsurge of emotion.

She already arrived in Macau, there’s no reason why she won’t go take a look ……

But seems like there is no adequate reason she should go ……

If she won’t go, will she regret ……

He’s been so busy filming, probably she won’t be able to meet him anyway ……

But what if they do meet, what she would say ……

Struggling for a moment, she decided to go, just watch from afar, it’ll be nice if she sees him; if not, at least she won’t regret.HB takes out her cell phone, search for the message he sent today, waved for a taxi, then told the drive the address. It’s close by, she arrives shortly, and it’s a luxury hotel.She could see a lot of people even from afar, that’s should be the filming site. The taxi stopped distance away from the crowd.

She stays away from the crowd, but trying to find the familiar face from the crowd. Looking for a long while, her eyes are even getting sore, she couldn’t find him. Although HB keeps in mind that there is chance she won’t be able to see him, she still got a bit disappointed.

At the moment she turns away and leaves, her phone rings.

End Note:

1 Hong Kong – In December 2008, Hwang Bo got a new show, The Olive Show ColorHolic with Bobbi Brown Makeup Cosmetic. They filmed in Hong Kong in December but the actual filming date was not released. The duration of the filming is in one week time.

2 Macau – In December 1st, 2008, the Crew of BOF went to Macau for overseas filming, it lasted for two weeks. Around February 2009, rumour said Kim Hyun Joong fainted during the shooting in Macau.

Chapter 13

It’s already in mid-December, but Macau is still nice and warm, light ocean breeze flowing through the open window, and touches him, it’s so relaxing. With the cosy breeze flowing in, he started to yawn and stretch himself, then lying comfortably in the car.

HJ just finished filming his portion, and got twenty minutes break. Where he is now is distance away from the crowd, he could enjoy some quite moments.

‘Try to grab as much sleep as possible’, ‘Make sure to grab as much sleep as you can’
Those are mostly the replies from her.

Smile climbs on his face.

He’s thinking of his luck recently, he feels that god once again is blessing him. That night, after having dinner with Jae Joong, Yunho and YooChun, he feels so down, even staying by the café looking in the direction of her apartment couldn’t help to get rid of the emptiness in him.

Knowing she would keep her promise and wait until his drama ends, but if she’s not responding him, he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t even have time to make his effort.

On his way back to the dorm, he couldn’t believe he got a message from her.


He read it several times, still couldn’t believe his eyes, he doubted if she sent it by mistake. No matter what’s the reason, even if it was sent by accident, he’s still very excited, this is the first message from her since a really long time. He thought accident won’t happen twice, but he got a quick reply from her again the next day, then the third, fourth, fifth ……

All he can do is to thank God for her changes. In his condition right now, he’s so grateful for getting her messages. But more than that, he got a chance to talk to her. This time, besides thanking God, he has to thank Hyung Joon. HJB sent him a message that afternoon, “Hyung, you have to call me tonight.” He’s such an odd fellow, he wanted to ignore him at first, but he still phoned in the end, worrying if they got in trouble. He didn’t know Hyung Joon is with her, the moment Hyung Joon said he will hand the phone to her, he heard his heartbeats. She told him to catch as much rest as possible, ate more, get some herbal supplements; although her unique voce is a bit husky, those words warm and smooth his heart.

Afterward, Hyung Joon told him they met Yunho too, but he didn’t say anything.
Her warm heart glows like sunshine, strongly attracting those who feel cold and bitter, just like him.

Arrived in Macau, the crews were mainly filming him for two days straight. When he finally got a chance to send her a message, he fainted, because of exhaustion, the crews blocked this incident, and no news was leak out. Because of this delay, when he finally sent her a message, he found out she is going to Hong Kong the next day. Hong Kong and Macau are very close; don’t know if she got a chance to come to Macau. Although he knows the chance is slim, he still wants to tell her his filming locations, and the hotel he is staying. In case, just in case, she’s coming to Macau, he will not let ‘I don’t know where he is’ be the excuse she’s not coming to see him.

She probably went back to Korea already.

Take a look at his watch, he still got 5 minutes, he sits up and stretches his sore shoulder. He causally looks around, suddenly a sight of a girl’s back catches his attention. She ties her hair up with a high pony-tail, wearing a tartan pattern shirt and blue jeans; she is standing about twenty meters away.

She really looks like her! Omo, he thinks he’s imagining too much, he teases himself, but couldn’t take his eyes off her. The girl turns to his way, he finally sees her face.

He immediately jumps up, rushing out of the car. He saw her signalling the taxi to come forward, he hurries up to dial her number.

“Hello ……” HJ said, saw her picked up the phone.

“Hello, how would you call?” She said

“Where ……are you now?”

“ …… “ Silent from her end.

“Look to your left side.” He is controlling his emotion, trying to say it as calm as possible.

She turns slowly, then they find their gazes entangled. They feel like the time freeze in this magic moment. Finding the one he missed the most looking at him in a foreign country, his emotion seizes him, and he could not say a word. Quietly looking at each other, he feels the happiness filling from the bottom of his heart, little by little until it pours out. He spreads out a big smile. And she smiles at him too.

He finally says, “Thank you.”

“The filming ends early, we have spare time. I’m going back tomorrow.” HB said.

Someone far away is calling his name, “You have to go, it’s your turn now, I need to go too, bye.” She’s waving at him.

“I will watch you leave.” HJ watches HB gets in the Taxi, he finally hangs up. This enchanting encounter is a secret among them, and this is the first time they met since they parted.

For his following filming, even the director praises him for his sensational smiles.

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