Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Thought on Hwang Hye Young stories...

I just watch SBS Strong Heart which aired on 1st December. What got my attention was the love story by Hwang Hye Young. She describe it as a scandal but truthfully it's love right.

Word by words... it's all keep remind me of Joongbo.
Question Mark

HHY: I had a good feelings about this person.... so it was like carrying out a 007 secret mission, keeping it even from my manager. We secretly dated each other.

My thought: aaah maybe this is how HJ & HB keep their secret...

HHY: He is a famous person back then... back in those time, in that generation he was the best.

My thought: hmmm in this time, in this generation... some people say HJ was the best.

KHD: Is he in the group or solo?

My thought: this is why I like KHD the most


My thought: Bingo... HJ is famous and his a leader of SS501... which mean GROUP.

HHY: Firstly, if our schedule had clash, We only walked past each other. Otherwise it was just seeing each other's car.

My thought: maybe they even have to see each other like this...

HB: If You don't meet, you will feel very bad.

My thought: so this is how HB feel if they don't meet each other Miss U

HB: Right now it's allowed, it's allowed.

My thought: it sounds to me like... "am I allow to date freely now?"

KHD: Love can't be stopped even if it's forbiden! So long both hearts are willing.

My thought: KHD might want to point it to HB... "there is no such forbidden love... got it !"

HHY: But then, we couldn't contact each other at all, couldn't see each other for long period time. For example, if both of us were on the same show, our companies wouldn't allow us to participate in it.

My thought: wargh!!! wasn't this is what happened now to HB & HJ? I mean wasn't HJ supposed to be there too... why suddenly changed the schedule? isn't it sound the same?


Okay now... don't get confused. This is only what I thought... since I can't get rid off my favor on HB & HJ even after a year... I think everything that sound like them make me excited... so remember I'm allowed to satisfied my mind, my heart and my soul.

Don't like it?

so what?! Toungue Out

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