Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fanfics - Promise

Finally I got a chance to put up my personal favorite fanfic on my site... I guess the reason is simple because I love it. So to make sure the love can be spread around I ask permission from GaGa @ ydwlai who have been working on the translation for this great fanfic... after waiting for 1 month... ydwlai & 只想戒毒 (Zhixiangjiedu) finally gave me the permission to repost the fanfic.

This fanfic revolves around WGM couple Kim Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo Hye Jung,

Both of them start as an awkward couple who at first faces a lot of differences because of their age gap and the Idol title which bring tension in their relationship.

But as time moves on, Kim Hyun Joong finally started to accept the fact that he is married to the women who set for him the one he called Hwang Buin. Kim Hyun Joong realised that there is so many things to learn about her, he find out the attractiveness which been hiding before and he undoubtedly regards that she is someone sent by GOD for him.

Hwang Bo who playfully said that it's like she won a lottery to be married to such perfect young Idol, actually trying to hide her worried about it. She knows how Idol are being treated and she know what fan are able to do just because they love their Idol. Knowing that she still smile and laughing hiding all the things she's been trough, all she can do is make a line... they're married but still she have to be careful. Until she finally gave up and decide, whatever happened in the future... she'll deal it in the future, but now all she can do is give it all.

Even after a year... I still can't gave up on them. I've been working on their video, trying to pull back the memories and trying to create memories... I guess I'm so not over them.

And with the permission I got, the love seems to gloom inside of me... love them as who they are... no matter what happened in the future it doesn't matter to me... all I know they show me how to be myself and how to live happily.

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