Saturday, December 12, 2009

Random thought Today...

I just got back from my favorite thread on Soompi...

[official] ☜♥☞ Joongbo Couple ☜♥☞ Newly Wed's 1st Open House, ♡Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) & Hwang Bo (GENERAL)♡

some post got my attention especially the latest one... I should just reply in that thread right? but I have never do that... ever since I step on that thread I've decide to be the silent lurker... but yeah I've broke that record and I just posted once and I think that will be the first and the last one hehehe... I'm not good on writing in such thread... people keep wanting more and we might want to give more and more. So I think that's it... just once leave some marks
yes .

Some people fight for what they believe and it was great to know that we want to stand to what we believe rather than just following around and agree without knowing the whole things... it just that sometimes when they trying so hard to stand up for what they believe it goes wrong. I mean... why would you order Chicken Mcd at KFC? got what I mean?

Joongbo thread means people who lurking they would be all the believers... people who want to keep their last hope, their faith on what they believe... just like me.

So posting some comment showing your negative opinion on that thread might cause some chaos... well not for me coz I'm not going to have any effect on anything at all.

Aigooo... just believe whatever you want. But put in mind... make sure you make it at the right places, the right time and the right way of writing.

To All Joonboers... go lurk on that thread show you're love and share what you want... But remember... it's all about Hyun Jung & Hye Jung only... got me?

* Sorry I'm a little bit dizzy, crazy and kind of ring ding dong hahaha... I too wonder why did I put this in here... but whatever Shy Whistler

My 2 cents:
"Believe what you want to belive
be strong for what you belive
and feel good about what you belive"


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