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Lee Byung Hun denied the accusations

On December 8, Lee Byung Hun caused a stir in Korea when ex-girlfriend Kwon Mi Yeon accused the IRIS & G.I. Joe star of causing physical and mental suffering during their allegedly tumultuous relationship. The actor has finally come out with a press release addressing the matter. Although he admitted that he had indeed shared a relationship with Kwon, Lee denied her accusations and promised to defend himself against this lawsuit.

"I have never done anything I should be ashamed of as a public figure," Lee said firmly. "I will fight these vicious accusations through the law."

And that's not all - on the 9th, Lee expressed that a few anonymous men had contacted him earlier in 2009, blackmailing him and threatening to reveal his relationship unless he gave them 2 billion won (1.7 million USD). BH Entertainment also revealed that Lee has asked prosecutors to look into Kwon's false (?) accusations, possibly for slander and a maybe even a countersuit.

Although the idea of legally seeking monetary compensation for "physical and mental suffering" may seem ludicrous at first, it's actually a common motive behind many lawsuits and torts. As this scandal unfolds, I guess we'll just have to see whether Lee's actions really did cross the line and seriously harm Kwon Mi Yeon... stay tuned for more on this dispute!

Source: Yonhap News

*Okay this is the answer given by his ex... now I'm getting confuse... but still I don't know.

Kwon wanted to prove her relationship with Lee Byung Hun was real so she gave in a picture of her with him to the press.

Since she is not very good at Korean, another person by the last name by Park talked for her, "Yesterday, Entertainment Relay actor Jung Jun Ho said, 'This is an unfair Situation for Lee Byung Hun.' Kwon has now decided to release a picture since she wants to prove that she dated him. She picked that one out of over 100. We can even release a picture that's inappropriate."

Kwon actually released four pictures. She showed the press a picture of his room, a Kang Won Do ski resort, where they vacationed, a solo picture of Lee Byung Hun at the resort and one of them together.

Park also said on behalf of Kwon, "Kwon lost everything because of Lee Byung Hun. If it's a crime to trust a man, then we will fight from what's wrong and right until the end."

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*Well first of all... I know that no matter what Lee Byung Hun and any other stars were a human... they're not an angel who always have their bright and white sides... so sometimes things do happened. But to think again... there is so many people around the world who break-up even on their wedding day. falling in love, promises and what a ring? does that mean I can sue my ex now that I lose hope on falling in love again? please let me know, if yes... then I'll call my lawyer now.

So LBH might have his lovey dovey day... and as a guy I think he would be seriously involved with that girl. But maybe after several times, meeting and spending some quality times with her... he just figure out that she's not for him...(i'm just guessing...) and decide to break-up.

And then this girl, 22 years old... just move on. Still young to even know what life really are. If she continue what she is doing now... I don't know what kind of life she have to go trough after this. Things might be hard. People might pointing her even if she was right from the start.

Trying to win over a person who actually well known... it's not easy. Even if she is right she should consider again bringing up this love story up front. Afraid? No that's not the words... just be carefull of what coming up next. He is an actor afterall... people might want to believe him...and blame that 22 years old girl chasing over his money. This happened all the time even in my real life.

If it was real love than stop there... keep the good memories between the 2 of you... why do other people have to watch how you tarnish the relationship that you've describe as love? I just don't get it.

Maybe they're trying to write a new script out of it... and this is just a test...

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