Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Promise (Chapter 1)

Kim Hyun Joong (HJ) is resting on the sofa, with the worn script on hand, going through the lines in mind. Thinking back in the beginning of the filming when he didn’t even know how and where to start, he is now gradually coping with the pace. Take a look on the time, still got an hour before his filming, he settles down on the sofa lying comfortably. The date is approaching, his mellow smile slip out with expectation but feeling perturb on the other hand. Memory fought back to that day in Jeju-do, when the two’s facing their impended parting, and their promise.

That day, the clear sky, the autumn breeze and the soft sunlight gives a soothing mood.

But the emotional farewell grasps her (Hwang Bo Hye Jung – HB), even her signature laugh shows; he knows that, he could feel every single emotion from her.

He knows her plan, but he does not point it out, what can him say? His age, His idol image, those can’t be changed.

Seeing the averseness and sadness in her eyes, he feels the powerlessness in him the very first time. All he can do is to follow her, and fulfills all her wishes, making what she think is their last memories. Really, can’t believe he could do so much for one person, Inyoung (HJ’s Best friend who Buin talks to) called him right after the last episode aired, asking “Is that you?”, yep, picking stars, getting up quickly, climbing up Mountain Halla, imitating the mushy speech from “My Sassy Girl”, really doesn’t look like him, but he enjoys it, willingly to do more for her.

Filming finally end, the crews are putting away the camera, ready to go back down. She’s sobbing, still emotional, he steps besides her, watching her, and this is the parting she want? Does she think this is really the end?

“I’ll depart for the overseas filming the day after tomorrow” he said.

“What?” She’s surprised.

“I said I will go for overseas filming the day after tomorrow, got a day off tomorrow.”

“Why are you telling me?” She couldn’t response.

“Sigh, Crying really doesn’t suit General Hwang, turning silly.”

“Yah!” She shouts at him and punched him.

Bearing the punches, HJ smile “What time shall we meet tomorrow? I know you don’t have schedule tomorrow.”

“Isn’t it finished today? Why shall we meet?” HB said.

“I follow what you wants today, to be fair, shouldn’t you follow what I want tomorrow?” HJ said, without letting her to escape his gaze, holding his breathe, seeing her hesitation and struggle in her eyes, those few seconds seem ages. He loosens up when she finally nodded.

“You could catch up some sleep in the morning; we could meet at 4 in the café close to my house, we’ve been there once, is that ok?” She said.

“OK.” HJ said immediately, he knows she will show up once she promised.

HJ collapsed getting down Mountain Halla, same as HB, he smiles bitterly; this really is “the Legend”.


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  1. Gorgeous story. Read the whole thing. The details are amazing. Please pass on my congratulations to the author.

  2. @Anonymous I've already pass it to them and ydwlai replied :

    "woo thx, that's great to hear!"

  3. seems so true... brilliantly written every turn of the stoy is breathtaking... thank you for sharing your talent

  4. it was really great..awesome..i'm always a fan reading scangchoo couple fanfic but this is the best ever..really reallllly thanks to all for the hard the world..

  5. is it true story?

  6. I came across this story along time ago,about a year or two. But I have gone to this site for the first time. I really love this story.

    1. Thank you for coming here. (^^)y