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Promise (Chapter2)

HJ got up after a long and sound sleep, it is 12pm already, he’s the only one in the dorm, Jung Min went to his musical’s rehearsal, and the other 3 went to Music Bank to promote their new song. Eaten slightly, still got some time, reading the whole lot disgustingly mushy script, but Buin's1 signature bright laugh is the only thing appears in his mind. When did she start to seal so deeply in his mind? When she brought him to take the flu shot? When she did the mission in Pusan? When they did bets together in Everland? When they ran in the rain in Ssangchu Marathon? During the beautiful 100th day wedding photo shoots? Or even earlier, when she opened the bottle with the spoon? He doesn’t know exactly. All he knows is that he can’t help but to get close, can’t help but to care, can’t help but wanting to see her smile. When she doesn’t even treat him as a real man, he already started to gaze at her, wanting to understand her, to take care of her, wanting to hear the praise from her. She’s such a warmth person, always willing to give; takes care everyone around her. Although she did not show her Sunbae’s2 attitude towards him, he got no proof that he’s the special one for her.

Until the farewell mission (Ssangchu Marathon), due to his schedule, DSP decided to wrap up his appearance in WGM so that he could concentrate on his drama preparation. He went to the president asking sincerely to let him continue on WGM, standing still in front of the president but couldn’t give a reason why he want to continue, silent is the only answer.

The president asks “Could you really do it? Not tired?”

“I could, I’m still young, no problem” he reply at once.

“Okay then, we will discuss with WGM PD on the shooting schedule, you can go now.” He deeply bows before leaving.
Although he doesn’t know why the president agrees with him, he is really happy about it. If they ended at that time, it is really the end. Of course, he is not saying they got a future now, but he does not have any regret from his decision.

Before the studio shoot, HB got notified that they will continue, she strangely have a glance at him, knowing he’s looking at her, she slip out the gaze didn’t say anything. Watching their Ssangchu Olympic on the big screen in the studio, showing her bright smile, he thinks it is all worth it. At least she’s happy being with him. Watching her backstage interview “Although feeling sorry for my future husband, I don’t think I can forget, when my future husband treating me well, buying me medicine when I got sick, I think I will remember.” He is excitedly happy, he is not the only one got the feeling; He is special to her, isn’t he? Someone who she’s comparing to her future husband, someone who she could not forget? He can’t resist gazing at her, where she sits at the far end with her hair hiding her expression.

Staying and continue to be the make-believe couple, DSP and WGM PD discussed and decided that they will condense and intensify the filming. And they don’t need to go for the studio shooting.

The next immediate filming is the Ant Tour. She seems she is not prepared emotionally, the entire trip she is a bit sidetracked, there are several times she seems she wants to talk but hesitate. She probably wants to ask him why he chooses to stay, he stays by her side all the time, waiting for her to ask. She finally asked, but it is when there are several cameras and crews around them, how could he answer? Could he say he don’t want to end like this? If they end like this, he will not have any chance?

He considered awhile, “To say that it was the last time, it was too sad and incomplete”, he turns and gives a glance at her, round off the topic.

After the filming, they both need to go back to Seoul, so they ride together, she is so tired and fell asleep moments after they started the car ride. HJ takes two jackets out of his bag, softly putting one on her, turning back seeing Manager Han (MH) strangely looking at him, no wonder why, he’s been his manager for five years, probably never seen him treating a person like this, smiling and saying in a low voice to him, “Han Hyung3, wake me up when we arrived at her place.” MH nods, HJ puts the other jacket on him and falling asleep soon after.

Don’t know how long it pass, MH wakes him up, he opens his blurry eyes, seeing HB stepping out of the car, he say, “Arrived?”

She steps out of the car and nods “yep, sorry to wake you up, take a nap again if you could, bye.”

“Wait”, he steps out too, helping her on her luggage, but talking to MH, “I will take a cab home later, don’t wait for me, please go home first.”

MH feels strange, ask “What’s the matter?”

HJ nods, seeing HB also looking at him strangely, he say, “There is something I need to talk to Hwangbo nuna4.”,

“I will wait for you then.” MH is glancing at him, and glancing at her.

“Is there anything you need to say now?” She slightly pushes his arm, looking up at him, “Then, says it here, so that you could go back with MH.”

“The question you asked me today, I have not finish answering, it won’t take long, give me an hour.” He looks in her eyes, she understand immediately, a bit embarrassed, turns and looks at MH. “Han Hyung, I will go back in awhile.” He shut the door for MH.

MH could only ask the driver to start moving, seeing through the rear-view mirror, HJ and HB are standing by the sidewalk shoulder to shoulder.

“Where are we going?” he said after seeing the car drove away, he also notices that she’s looking at the same direction.

HB looks at the watch, 11:40pm, “Not even mid-night yet, today’s filming ends early, I thought I could go to bed early,” she said regretfully,

HJ’s carrying her luggage, smiling, “No problem, you will sleep well after we talked.”

“Really?” She smiles too, “Let’s go to the café there, I always go there, they have those compartments, it’s pretty quite.”

Sitting in the café, he looks around, it’s refined, the light green wallpaper, the taupe color glass accessories that decorated the four corners, the abstract painting hangs on the wall, and the soft lighting. The server brings them the menu, he takes a look and tells the server, “Latte please”

“It’s late at night, don’t drink coffee, you would not fell asleep later on. How about the apple tea? It is soothing and you would sleep better.” Asking his opinion, she knows he has a hard time sleeping.

“Sure, let’s order.” He put down the menu,

“Then two apple teas.” She brings the menus to the server.

She’s playing with the cup on the table, he is staring at the painting on the wall, and silence falls in. Then, the server brings the two cups of apple tea, putting them on the table.

He takes a sip, the warm and sweet apple scent slips in the mouth, he puts his head up looking at her, she’s staring at the tea cup, touching the décor on the cup. Clearing his throat, “It tastes good, the scent is soothing making me a bit wanting to sleep.”

She looks up, smiling at him, “Really?” looks down again.

The long silence again, suddenly, “Buin, how about going to the amusement park together next time?”

She looks up quickly meeting his gaze, “This is what you want to say today?”

Looking at her unbelievable expression, HJ smiles, “Yes, since we are condensing our filming, we don’t need to do the same mission as the other couples. PD said we could decide our own, let’s go to the amusement park next time, is that ok?”

She still has that couldn’t believe look, leaning forward, “Aren’t you going to answer me why you choose to stay and continue filming?”

He continues to smile, “Yes, and I answered.”

She’s massaging her forehead, “What kind of answer is this? Could you stop saying things out of the blue?”

“I choose to stay cuz there are still many things I want to do it with Buin. And I think going to the amusement park is the first thing that came up in my mind. Is there anything Buin want to do it with me?” He stares at her waiting for her answer; she stares at him as well seems to confirm if he say it seriously.

Staring at each other for awhile, HB slowly relaxes her stressed shoulder. “Buin, let’s decide together how we want to spend the filming time, don’t think that we are filming, let’s think of it as a vacation, is that ok?”

“Hyun Joong ar, it seems all difficult tasks turn simple and easy in your eyes, OK, let’s us have a vacation together.” HB laughs, it’s the signature laugh that he likes the most.

Seeing her laughs, he laughs too, “That’s great, we could enjoy the vacation, and we got paid as well, Buin, let’s promise we will enjoy the upcoming filming time.”

“Yep, let’s promise, Next time we will go to the amusement park that you want, I will have to think of what I want to do as well.” The intense silence turns into relaxed conversation. She takes a look at her watch, “it’s almost 12:30am, you better get going, rest well, don’t make MH worries.”

“Al, Buin go ahead, I will go in awhile.”

HB left, and HJ stretching his legs, sigh a long breath, he almost slip the words, she must already speculate what he wants to say initially and probably thought through how she will response, seeing her stiffly seated, feeling the intensity, just waiting for him to speak, he’s lucky, he hold on at the last moment, didn’t allow the words to slip.

1 Buin – Wife (this is how Hyun Joong call Hwangbo)
2 Sunbae – Term describes a person who is older than you in Korean who working in the same field, or studying in the same school.
3 Hyung – Elder Brother
4 Nuna – Elder sister


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