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Promise (Chapter 9)

The promotion of her EP is rounding off, after the performance with Koo1 Hyung in the club, they get together. HB got a filming of the variety show the next morning, so, she didn’t have much sleep.

She put on a bit more make-up to cover her dark eye circles.
While she’s reading her script in the waiting room, someone knocks on the door, her assistant gets up and opens the door.

Hyung Joon (HJB) jumps in and burst out, “Hyung-so-nim2, Hyung-so-nim”, Kyu Jong (KKJ) and Young Saeng (HYS) walk in behind HJB.

“Don’t say Hyung-so-nim so carelessly, call nuna.” KKJ scolds at HJB.

KKJ is such an understanding youngster, she blushes a little when “Hyung-so-nim” burst out, don’t know how to reply.

“How would you guys come?” HB asked.

Every time they saw her, they always give her the warm extended greeting.
Although WGM ended, her relationship with HJ is still awkward, but she likes these youngsters a lot, seeing their bright pure smiles make her feels good.

“We have a filming today, heard people said nuna came too, so we just drop by.” HJB said happily.

“Take a seat.” Signal them to sit down.

Looking at them, she involuntary thinks of HJ.
After that night, when he sent her messages, she would reply him briefly.
HB is not sure if she done this right, it’s been hard enough for him, she doesn’t want him to be distracted, at least wait until he’s done with the drama.

“Nuna, do you have any plan after your schedule?” KKJ asked.

“Not really, what’s up?” She replied.

“Nuna, let’s have dinner together, dinner together.” HJB’s shaking her arm, asking like a spoiled kid.

She laughs, “It’s my pleasure to have dinner with 3 handsome men, it’s nuna’s treat, tell me what do you guys want to eat?”

“Yeah, gogi gui”, “Gogi gui”, HJB and KKJ said at the same time, and HYS nodded too.

“Ok, gogi gui then, come find me once you are done.”

The three left, she’s almost pick-up her script, someone knocks again.

“Today is so boisterous.” Her assistant smiles and said on her way to open the door.
She smiles too, from the time she falls in love with the lively life with friends, such day happens all the time.

It’s Yunho and YooChun, that’s surprised her.
After the Choong Jae’s get-together, she met Yunho twice, but they are rushing to the next schedule, they can only say hi and bye.

“Yunho, YooChun, how would you come?”

“Nuna, we got some spare time today, knowing you are here too, we want to drop by and say hi.” Yunho is calm as usual.

“Nuna, you are so pretty today.” YooChun with his sweetest words as usual.

“Really? Then, I have to thank the make-up artist.” She laughs and said.

“Nuna is pretty without make-up too.”

“Ha ha, why are you so sweet today, you want to ask for something?”

She knows this youngster well, whenever he wants something from her, he will have these sweetest words.

“I’m telling the truth, nuna said such things, I’m hurt.” YooChun said acts like a spoiled kid.

“Then, there’s nothing else?” She continues teasing him, “Ok, I will take the praise, thank you.”

“Nuna, that …… that ……” YooChun somewhat embarrassed, hesitates.

Yunho helps out and says, “Nuna, let’s have dinner together, is that alright?”
“Yep, Yep, let’s have dinner together, we haven’t had dinner with nuna after we came back from Japan.” YooChun nodded heavily.

“Yep, we should celebrate yours achievement, nuna’s treat, let’s plan another time, I promise others to have dinner tonight.”

Disappointed YooChun takes a look at Yunho.

“Are they Kyu Jong’s?” Yunho asked.

“Yep, how do you know?”

“Just guess, we saw they walked out.”

“Nuna promised to treat them gogi gui tonight.” HB said.

“Hardly finding spare time, wants to have dinner with nuna, but those boys got it first.” YooChun complained.

She laughs, “Tell nuna ahead of time, nuna will treat you for dinner next time.”

“Nuna, are you close to Kyu Jongs’” Yunho asked suddenly.

“Yes, they are cute kids like you guys.”

Yunho wrinkles his brows, trying to say something, but YooChun jumps in and objects loudly,

“Nuna, we are not kids anymore.”

“Ok, Ok, nuna is wrong, you are taking in the Mature image now.” She tries to calm him down with her smile.

They are so cute, although they start to show their masculine side, she could never forget how they look when they are still freshmen.

Time passed by so fast, knowing them for 5 to 6 years, they are now all grown up, willing to take challenges by themselves.

She too is almost going into her 30’s, the memories from debut seems like happened yesterday, now she becomes a big Sunbae, mostly receives bowing from others, the chances she bows are getting fewer and fewer.

They chat a little longer, then Yunho and YooChun left after Yunho received a call asking them to go back to prepare. Before YooChun left, he continuously reminds her that she owe them a meal, she needs to remember.

Finally quite down, concentrates back on her script and start reading.
Her portion is not that much today, around 8 o’clock, the filming done smoothly, and she could finish off early.


End Note:

1 Koo – Koo JunYup, belongs to a Korean dance music duo, Clon. Hwang Bo featured the song "뜨거워져" ("Get Hot"), a Tecktonik song. The remix features Koo JunYup; the song's dance was choreographed by him as well. (Credit: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

2 Hyung-so-nim – Elder brother’s wife

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