Monday, December 7, 2009

Coming Soon (Thai Movie 2008)

Geez... I watch this sometimes ago with my brother. Actually he is the one who make me watch it after trying to convince me several times... I decided to buy the DVD.

Horror movie they say... and what I'm thinking at that time is... S**t what is this?! well it's scary.

I can't stop pulling my pillow and keep closing my ears even when there is actually no sound... I guess that's why the movie is scary...

The gost was not that scary but the sound, the camera shoot and the suspense make it scary. You keep guessing and wondering what next... and seriously the suspense keep going which make you out of breathe.

If you're looking for something that make you scream, and trying to release you're tension. Watch it. It worth screaming for.

Check out the trailer:

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