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2nd Episode Yonghwa & Soehyun

Late update... but here we go! 

The second episode shows their fast forward of their relationship. Even though they've started with awkward and kind of shy to each other but both have improved it and they look good together.

At late night Yonghwa and Soehyun went to Shin Dang Dong a place known for their great 'dukbokgi' to have their first 'simple food' together.

In one umbrella they're heading to a place which Yonghwa describe a Grandmother Restaurant.

The commentator says something about the ratio of the umbrella and how the it was disappointing that it was more on Yonghwa sides than Soehyun...

and I like it when Jinwoon suddenly interupted and says
"The guy should let his shoulder wet."
So cute...

Both started digging the 'dukbokgi' and then Soehyun pulled out her note book.
It contains all sort of things she have to do:

# To find their personality, find the manner when their eating.

# Eye contact

#what I want in my future husband...
*Skilled at cleaning & cooking & we should help out

# Every morning I'll blen healthy wild yams & Apples

# cook him sweet potatoes once in a while...

After chatting a little bit about their self, finally Yonghwa come up with something serious.

He ask if it's okay for them to not married straight away but learn more about each other which is mean both of them were still spouse-to-be...

and Soehyun didn't argue about it... she just agreed right away which impressed Yonghwa.
Since Soehyun has never dated before so she has that clean image on her.

After agreed with each other, Soehyun told Yonghwa she wrote a commitment letter for him...

I'm Your wife-to-be Soehyun

We got married before we even met each other...
So I'm writing this letter to let you know my commitment.
I'm 2o, and lacking experience & far away from marriage.
Thinking that I'll experience the future before... 
I'll fulfill my duty with joy & open mind and with that, 
I hope to work well with you. ^^


Yonghwa then reply the letter right away just like Soehyun want him too...

and meanwhile, Soehyun help herself applying some lip balm... cute...

 and when Yongwha done with the letter, Soehyun read it:

To. Hyun~

Because we got married not knowing each other but, 
I think we feel awkward and know how to react.
But after a while, we got pretty close. 
I think we're going to have a lot of fun in the future.
We might be spouse-to-be now,
but let's get to know each other.
                                                                                              From. Yo~ong

and then they started exchange photos...

Soehyun wrote something under the picture

"When you feel like flying up to he sky,
who will be walking slowly then?"

which is according to Soehyun means improve & work hard.

Yonghwa pictures for Soehyun...

so cute ~ ~ LOL
both Yonghwa and Hong Ki
look good but funny...

After finish with their eating, chatting, exchanging and agreeing,
 both went to a store looking for a stuff that can prove that they're spouse-to-be or engage.

they started choosing and both got:

a pair of socks
a pair of cup (engagement cup)
a pair of ring

Yonghwa do the payment... 
I think it's cool... it would be a little bit weird if he let Soehyun paid 

and then both promise next time it will be Soehyun turn to pay..

While inteview, yonghwa told that he keep wearing the ring.
because he tend to lose things so he keep wearing it and never took it off even when he took a shower.

and the same goes to Soehyun. The only problem is she worried about the color... 
afraid it might worn out since it's not a silver.

In the taxi both started discussing how they can show their ring while doing a show

but what got my intension the most is how Jinwoon react...
when others ow and do the commenting he seems to me like
he hardly breath and just stay still... 

And finally it's time for them to say good bye... 
Yonghwa is for sure have a good manner or maybe he use to do it...
he waits until Soehyun gets in than live.

Did they succeed with showing off their ring?
yes they did... and they make it too obvious but cute at the same time.

End of episode 2.

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