Friday, March 19, 2010

Learning Korean with Lee Jun Ki

Want to know more about korean language? need materials to learn it? wonder how to boost your interest on learning... check this out. This might gain your interest on learning coz Lee Jun Ki will be the guru well I mean just think of it like that ^^
Lee Junki recently participated in the production of a new Korean teaching material called, Hello Korean, specially created for those who wants to pick up the Korean language. He expressed,
Everytime I go for overseas activities, I am very touched by fans who make the extra effort to learn Korean to communicate with me.
Even though there’s a growing interest from foreigners who desires to learn the Korean language, there is a lack of suitable learning material for beginners. So I decided to participate in this project for free. I hope that my little bit of effort can be of assistance to those who wants to learn the Korean language.”
For those who will be getting this, you will be hearing Lee Junki in the audio teaching material while his name will also appear as it is in the book.
This set will be released in 4 different versions (Korean, Japanese, Mandarin and English version) and will go on sale this April.

Credit source: allkpop

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