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100th Day ( Fanfic Extra Story HJ - HJ) Part 2

Part 2

She is quick in cooking, the dinner is ready in a twinkling, and he helps to put the delicious foods into the plates,

“Yah, Yah, dinner is ready, come and take them out.” HJ harshly pulls open the door and yells,

Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon hurriedly come over, 
“Woo, it smells really good,”

Hyung Joon steals a quick look at HJ,
“Hyung-so-nim’s really good at cooking, jjang!”

This dude at least knows how to act judiciously, because of his “Hyung-so-nim”, will let him off for the time being.

Foods are ready, putting them on the dinning table, HJ pulls the chair for her, getting her seated, and he sat next to her.

“You guys must be hungry, let’s start.” HB warmly takes care of her young masters.

Watching them eat like a brunch of locust, his subsided anger is starting to flare up again.

Wei?? Why his well planned romantic candle light dinner would end up in a nightmare like this?

All he wants is to celebrate this special day with her, giving her a romantic surprise, now, romantic is demolished, surprise is burst, the mission he wanted to pull it off on their 100th day most likely will completely raze to the ground.

Thinking at it, he cannot help but to grind his teeth eye menacingly at his members, he would definitely get his revenge back, wait until they have their girlfriend, they will sure be dead.

Still having a mouthful of food, Jung Min mumbles “Is there any wine?”

This pain in the ass creep, still got the gut to ask? HJ immediately spikes back, “Kick your butt out as soon as you finish eating, why the heck you are asking wine.”

She slightly pats on his shoulder, smiling at him,

“None” He already tried his best to control his temper.

“But I certainly notice there is a bottle of red wine here.” Jung Min slowly but surely disclose his secret,
“Hyung is such a skinflint, doesn’t want to share it with us.” Hyung Joon teams up with Jung Min again.

She sneaks to look at him, patting on his hand.

“You already seen it, what’s the point of asking, go get it yourself.” Stare angrily at Jung Min, all HJ wants to do is to throw punches at his so called sexy charisma face. 

Jung Min really gets up and takes the bottle of red win he hid away before.
HB also gets up to bring wines glasses for them,

“Hyung doesn’t feel right, looks as if you’re not welcoming us?” Kyu Jong asked.
“Is that what you think?” HJ grinded his teeth asking back, he dare to ask, if he was that sensitive, he would know what he supposed to do when he saw his miserable face.

“Ho ho, never mind, haven’t seen Nuna for so long, we are here for Nuna anyway.” Kyu Jong answer back with his brilliant smile,

This dude takes advantage of his genuine looking face, but the truth is that he is as bad as the rest of his members.
Young Saeng and Hyung Joon laughs wholeheartedly with Kyu Jong’s statement.

Throughout the whole meal, HJ basically did not eat much, he only ate the food she prepared and placed on his plate, 

Gorging down all her delicious foods, not leaving a drop of red wine, it is almost 10 o’clock, his four ignorant members finally leaving the dinning table, but wait, they still claiming they wants to play games here?!!

“Yah, you better know the limit, dinner was chomped through, wine was tossed down, let’s get your butts up.” 
Right now, all he wants to do is to kick these plagues out as soon as possible.
At least, he needs to give her the flowers before their 100th day ends, this is the first time he brought her flowers, and absolutely cannot be ruined by them again.

As to the rest …… *sigh* ……

“But I really want to play games here.” Jung Min sketchily said.

HJ feels like his teeth going to break because he grinded too much today, “Wanna play! Kule, I would MAKE SURE we will play ENOUGH games the other day.”

“Alright then, Nuna, I guess we should get going now.” Jung Min said.

Hearing what Jung Min had just said, he immediately jumps up, 
“You all get going now, bye!”

HB also gets up standing next to him, “I’ll cook for you guys again, but remember to let me know ahead of time, so Nuna could be better prepared.”

“Arraso,” Jung Min answered for his members, they are taking their time, leisurely getting up, slowly picking up their bags.

“Nuna, why not we drop you home?” Jung Min is stepping out of the door, but suddenly turned and asked.

This is way too much, he is not threatening them furiously like a tiger, but they thought of him as “Hello Kitty”!!!

HJ grabbed a cushion and aimed at Jung Min’s face immediately after hearing what he said,
“Shut Up, and Get the Hell Out of Here!! I WILL DROP MY YEOBO HOME MYSELF!!”

At last, they left, and finally quiet down, HJ drops himself down on the sofa. 
She comes over and sits next to him, helping him smoothing down his hair,
“Are you tired?”

Clasping her hand, locking his fingers into hers, 

“I’ll make sure to get my revenge back one day, don’t let me catch their mistake, otherwise they will be dead, I will make sure to exploit them to the max.”

She starts to laugh, “You rest here, I will clean up.”
“No, let’s do it together ……” Those dudes didn’t even help clean up

Getting up with her, 
Cleaning up the mess as fast as he could,
She washes the dishes, he dries them with the cloth and putting them back to the cabinet.

Tidying everything, sneaks a peek at the clock and it is 11 o’clock already.

“I think I should get going.” She took off her apron and said,
“That early?” 

“Wei? Isn’t it the normal time I got home usually?” She smilingly said,

*Sign* There is nothing going right today,
“Arraso, let’s go then,” HJ picks up the car key, hands it over to her, “You go down first, I’ll follow.”

“Kule,” She took the key and left.

He picks up the flowers and leaves as well, heading to the underground parking.
He opens up the back trunk, putting the flowers in.
She is sitting at the passenger’s seat waiting; HJ gets in, helping her fasten her seatbelt before he did his own.

“What did you put in the back truck?” She asked.
“Nothing,” He sneaks a quick look at her and said.

She does not continue to ask, turning on the radio, tuning the station, 
He starts the engine, drove off.

Today, if he met her in her apartment, or if he went picking her up at the TV station, his romantic candle light dinner would not ruined like this, not even one thing from his plan pull off, and he would not get irritated like this as well.

Those jerks, are they done this on purpose? Why it has to be today? Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today?!!
If it isn’t her pulling him back, he would explode early on.

Sensing her stealing several peeks at him, 
“Wei?” He asked,
“You’ve been in temper a lot today, and cursing too ……” She smiles,

“Do you know what date is today?” He asked,
“100th day?”

“You don’t know?” He stares at her, isn’t she the one who is more conscious about anniversary or those special days? 

“The truth is …… I don’t know when I should start counting, ever since last year, from the time when WGM was still on, struggling and baffling for so long.” She said.

He nodded, “Yep …… But to me, I start counting since the day you agreed to accept me.”

“Komawo, you prepared a lot today.” She starts to laugh, “Let’s pretended I already enjoyed your event.”

She laughs happily, but to him, he is remorsefully glancing at her,
“I’m definitely not forgiving those jerks, wait until they got their girlfriends, I will pay them back doubled, no, tripled.” 
Whenever he thought about what happened today, he flares up again.

She reaches out, clasping his hand.

Arriving at her apartment, at the underground parking, she is trying to get off, 
“Wait ……” He pulls her back,

He gets off, picking up the flowers from the trunk, giving it to her,
She hugs the flowers in her embrace, “They are such beautiful red roses.”

Turning to face him with her sparkling eyes, filled with happiness,
“I didn’t expect receiving flowers from you, Komawo!”

Feeling a bit uneasy, he says, “I really want to give you a great 100th day originally, yet it turned out like this, Miahne.”

“Indeed, it’s great, I like it.”
She places the flowers on the back seat, leaning forward, BoBo him on his cheek.

Clasping her passionately in his arms, looking at her blushing face, feeling his fluttering heartbeats, slowly moving close ……, touches her tempting red lips, tasting and feeling how warm and soft her lips are, he is thrilled as if electric current surged through him, couldn’t help but to clasp her closer, deepen their kiss, nibbling at her lips wildly, swapping their breathing, making theirs get heavier, he does not want to let go until both are running out of breath, slightly lean back from her lips, trying to catch back their breath.

Sigh with satisfaction, whispering at her lips, “This is how I thought the great 100th day should be.” Her swollen lips are now even more tempting and juicy, can’t help himself planting butterfly kisses again, he can’t get enough of those sweet temptations from her.

He is whistling happily on his way home, those angers he had before melt away completely.

Getting their first kiss on their 100th day, that is his plan and his mission, at the last moment of their 100th day, finally, mission accomplished.

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