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Fan's Thoughts About Jaebeom

Quoted from: koreanamerican@allkpop
I love how so many of you people are trying to impose your ideas and opinions on other people because Mrs. Park (Jaebeom’s mother) has released a letter that says, “Please love the 2PM dongsaengs”.
I think what you also missed is, “Despite all kinds of rumors that could more than cause a person to despair.” – Rumors? I wonder why there are rumors? AH, BECAUSE THE CONFERENCE SAID THERE’S A HIDDEN DIRTY SECRET.
Personally, I’m not/never will be a “Hottest” or “Sowon” or “VIP” or whatever the hell exists out there. I’m just a person who enjoys good music from good people. With that said, I don’t care what Jaebeom’s kind and forgiving Christian mother says. Mind you, I’m happy to hear that Jaebeom is acting his normal self despite all the controversy, rumors, and negativity that has surrounded him since that damn conference but I still refuse to support 2PM, 1:59PM, 6PM, 5PM, or whatever the hell PM that they are now.
These “rumors” would not-exist if JYPE/other members did not release the statement that Jaebeom was being kicked out of the group because of a “dirty personal life” or “grave wrong”. If you don’t want Jaebeom to come back, cool! Just say that his contract has been terminated because of differences. Kick him out without tarnishing his reputation. Isn’t that what true “protecting” is? So technically, no one was “remaining silent” because half the fact was said when they announced that there was “serious wrong-doing” that caused their decision. So basically, everyone has to be in suspense and curious for a very long time, which would lead to this secret eventually being released, and Jaebeom being even more hurt. I call that kicking someone in the face and then telling them sorry. I don’t play that game.
I was and would’ve been perfectly fine with Jaebeom not returning to 1:59, 2, 5, and/or 6PM. It’s been 6 months already – I had grown used to the fact that Jaebeom was no longer singing on their album. But the conference and the other members basically say that they were “protecting him” but had to “protect him” by telling the world that there was a “dirty little secret” was halfass and basically a new beginning of rumors, hate, and negativity to Jaebeom.
I’ve decided not to support JYPE (PERIOD!) because it’s more than Jaebeom. It’s more than the remaining members of 1:59PM, 2PM, 5 PM, or whatever the hell PM exist. It’s the fact that Park Jin Young led the public to believe that there was hope that Jaebeom would be coming back (I didn’t believe him and I didn’t care) and used the negativity and spotlight caused on Jaebeom to profit with marketing, publicity, and basically messed with the minds of all the poor deprieved teeny-boopers throughout the world. False hope.
Protected Jae? I think not. They only started a whole new round of rumors and negative drama that will probably cloud Jaebeom’s life for yet again, the next 6 months. If JYPE and it’s artists were expecting sympathy, they messed up big. Actions speak louder than words and I’ve realized JYPE and their artists — their words ain’t sh!t.
And what guys? What if this isn’t the full letter?
Like damn, were you fans because of Jae’s mom? Is she everybody’s momma? Why is everyone trippin like Jae’s mom’s the new Messiah and we need to follow her wishes?
Did you miss the part where she says, ” Despite all kinds of rumors that could more than cause a person to despair”
Who and what caused these rumors? Durrrgh! The conference that featured the remaining members and their managers/record representatives.
Dude, Jae’s mom’s Christian. If she is able to forgive and forget, let it be. More power to her. For people who give a damn about decent humanity, do as you please. Jaebeom’s mom is obviously a wayyyy kind person, but she ain’t Jesus. Each individual person is entitled to his/her opinion. Don’t act like just because Jaebeom’s mom thinks in a certain way, everyone has/will follow. What Jaebeom’s mom thinks does not take away from the fact that the rumors that will and have affected Jaebeom was caused by that atrocious meeting that failed to “protect”.
Protecting a secret is not mentioning it at all. They should’ve been f*cking cool like Lee Hyori and should’ve left things in silence. God bless Jaebeom’s Christian-hearted mom.
*I’m sorry for re-posting. But while I appreciate Jae’s mother’s religious heart – I have my own opinion and you should have one too. It’s great that Jae’s mom has forgiven and forgotten but she has pointed out herself that the rumors would’ve caused the average person despair. Who knows, Jae may or may not be affecting — it’s called internalizing. Korean people do it a lot; thus, the high suicide rate.
But whatever, people — think what you will. I was not a fan of JYPE’s artist because of their mothers. I respect Jae’s mom writing the letter – What a great big and kind heart. However, her forgiving does not change the fact that the RUMORS THAT CAUSED DESPAIR were caused by JYPE and the other members. ;) 

* The reason for me to quoted the article is she/he have completely pointed it out what I have in thought. I have to agreed with this article which point out the credibility of JYPE as the agency who supposed to protect their artist. I've stated the same thing on YT before but the video have been deleted for copyright. I bolted the part where I can't help but agreed.

If you're curios about what letters did Jaeboom mom's wrote here it is:

『모든 팬분들께 감사하다고 전해 주시구요. 가끔씩 관심가지고 지켜보시라 말씀 드려 주세요. 온갖 루머에 충분히 절망할 수 있는 상황에서도 의젓한 모습 보여주는 재범이를 보고 저희는 절망보다는 희망을 가지게 되었어요. 모든 팬분들께 감사 드려요.
너무 너무 수고 많으셨어요.
저 희 마음 팬분들에게 꼭 전해 주시고 팬분들의 마음에 상처 하루빨리 치유될수 있도록 기도 할께요. 우리 재범이 믿어 주시고 사랑해 주셔서 감사해요. 재범이에게는 결코 좋지 않은 결말 이지만 이렇게 라도 이사건이 끝이 날 수 있어서 마음은 홀가분 하네요. 이 일을 끝으로 더 이상 우리재범이가 좋지않은 일로 이슈가 되지 않았으면 하는 바램입니다. 2pm 동생들도 많이 사랑해 주세요. 재범이 때문에 그 아이들도 가족들도 마음 고생 많았을꺼여요.』
Please tell all fans ‘thank you’. Please tell them to often check up on him and keep interest in him. Through out all these rumors Jaebum could have been despaired but seeing him strong gave me more hope than despairs.
Thank you to all the fans.
You have worked very, very hard.
Please forward our heart to the fans and I will pray for the wound in the fan’s heart to be healed quickly. Thank you for trusting and loving our Jaebum. This is not a good ending for Jaebum but my heart is lighter now that this issue has ended. I wish that after this entry, Jaebum will not become a bad issue. Please love the 2PM dongsaegs too. They and their families will have had a hard time because of Jaebum.

*I'm not against any of the 6 members... I don't have anything to do with them. I don't even know if they really betraying Jay for the sake of JYPE's or their self. Everything is in the state of unclear. All I can say is... JYPE has failed on protecting their artist they have failed on preparing their artist as for what may comes. 

Do I want Jay coming up front? I don't think so.

Jay don't have to explain anything to anyone. Will things going to calm down if he come up front? believe me it won't stop there. I think I'll understand if Jay decides to keep silence and keep it to himself. It might sound unfair for him coz he don't get a chance to talk for himself but does talking make it worth? 

Will we be able to really appreciate him after he talks? will we stick to our thought and believe in him after he talks? will fans really supporting him after he talks? will we really accept him wholeheartedly or are we trying to just place the blame to anyone? there is so many consequences that people or fans have to think. 

There is a quote says... 


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