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100th Day ( Fanfic Extra Story HJ - HJ)

Part 1

Last year, when it was their 100th day in WGM, they went to take their Wedding Photo shoots,

Today is their “REAL” 100th day, he got his special plan in mind.
There is something he really wants to do but never get a chance to fulfill up till now, today he has to pull it off.

HJ gave her a call asking her to come over to his apartment once her schedule is done,

He has been starting his preparation since the afternoon, 
Getting the flowers he ordered, preparing the candles, brought the recommended Red Wine, 

At first, he wants to prepare the dinner himself too, he even searched and downloaded the recipes from the web, but just looking at the recipes, he got headaches, and the words from the recipes seem spinning around in his mind making him dizzy. He dazes at the food ingredients for a long time, at last, he gave up.

The only dishes he knew are Ramen1 and Tteokbokki2, and there is no way he would prepare those foods for their 100th day. 

All he could do is to wait for her to come and cook, 
Even though he does not know how to cook, he cleans and washes all the food ingredients, neatly line them up on the countertop, probably she would praise him for this?!

Hiding the Flowers, Candles and the bottle of Red wine, he wants to give her a big surprise.

Finally getting her call saying that she finished up her schedules, and she is now leaving the TV station, heading to his apartment, and should be there soon.

Lying on the sofa, looking at the clock, counting down ……

Ding Dong …… Ding Dong ……

The door bell rang, he immediately jumps up.
He opens the door, watching her walking in with her bright smile.

Shinning with his bright smile too, he reaches out his arms, stepping forward trying to hug her in his embrace. 

Ding Dong ……

The door bell rang again, 
“Who’s it?!!” He opens the door,

Recognizing those at the door, his smiling face freezes and fades away without more ado,
Looking at those just came, they already squeezed in, routinely taking off their shoes, stepping in without saying a word, a surge of anger furiously rose up to his throat.

“Yah!!! Why’ve you guys here?”

Jung Min, Hyung Joon, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng whom already settled themselves comfortably on the sofa, totally ignored his yell and anger.

“I met Nuna at the TV station today, and Nuna invited Kyu Jong and me for dinner, so, I called up Jung Min and Young Saeng to come along. Nuna gonna cook for us, omo, those mouth-watering foods, I can’t wait!” Hyung Joon said in his innocent cute look.

HJ sneaks a quick look at her, she peeks at him and nods,
“It’s very hard for us to bump into each other, since we met by chance, I invited them to have dinner together.”

“But …… Today ……” He is defeated by her, don’t know what to say anymore. He turns and starts to yell at his ignorant members again, “You all get your butts up and leave now.”

“Hyun Joong …….” She smilingly stops him from yelling.
“What are you yelling for? Nuna is the one invited us, we’re showing up just because of Nuna, you are not taking the privilege.” Jung Min is making fun of HJ and looks at him with his challenging stare.

Irritating, extremely irritating, but he cannot do anything, all he can do is to throw his strong killer glare at his irritating members.

She starts to prepare the meal, Hyung Joon, Jung Min and Kyu Jong, these three jerks are gathering around her, asking her this and that, at one moment Hyung Joon and Jung Min are nosily asking her what dishes she is going to make, another moment Kyu Jong is courteously handing over the dish she needs, pushing him, THE REAL BOYFRIEND, away from her, the closest he can reach is the entrance of the Kitchen!

They are pushing him to his ultimate limit, when Hyung Joon once again called her “Nuna ……”, he finally exploded,

“Call Hyung-so-nim, how many times I already told you.”
He is so loud that the group of 4 in the kitchen is in shock, they all freeze at once, then turn to look at him at the same time.

“What the hell is this? You scared us, why?” Jung Min with his scornful expression asked.
“That’s right, we call her Nuna from the start, why should I call her Hyung-so-nim?” Hyung Joon protests as well.

“BECAUSE SHE IS MY Y-E-O-B-O3!!” HJ grinded his teeth said,

“Since when? Why am I not known about it, since when you two got married?” Jung Min continues his job in irritating his leader,

“We got married since last year, wei? What are you grumbling for?” HJ furiously glare at Jung Min,

“You said it as if it’s real, Kule, I’m not the one grumbling, the one who’s grumbling is Nuna, right, Nuna?”

Since they start arguing, she is crouching on the countertop laughing, she laughs so hard that she cannot stand straight, (GaGa: She managed not ROFL in the kitchen, hahahaha…..)
“Pu..haha, I’m laughing so hard, my tummy hurts, you all…..let’s….leave the kitchen….., if we keep this…..going……when can we…..have dinner ready?”

This is what HJ is waiting for, once she said it out, he starts to push them out of the kitchen one by one, although at this moment, all he wants to do is to push them out of his apartment.

“Wei, we want to help too……” Hyung Joon protests again,

Fiercely glance at Hyung Joon, “Get Out, you are not helping, you would just create chaos, and you all get out and behave yourselves!”

Watching over, Jung Min seems to try to get back to the kitchen, HJ hurries up and slams the door close. 

Finally, quiet down……

She is still laughing,

His romantic candle light dinner turns out being disturbed like this, how could he laugh?

“Why are you letting them followed you? And why it has to be today?”
He could hear himself whining and griping at her.

“I just said to have dinner sometime, I didn’t expect…… they would come today.” She shrugged her shoulders showing her innocent look.

That is true, she most likely just being polite and blurts out the invitation, but those jerks taking advantage of her, and thoughtlessly coming over.

“Uninvited guests, I should throw them all out.” HJ said and rolled up his sleeves walking towards the kitchen door.

“Don’t be like that, since they are already here, let have a gathering then, you’re not living in the dorm lately, they probably missed you, and wanting to get together as a group.” She grabs his arm pulling him back.

“But…… Today is……”
She got the point, but he really cannot swallow down his frustration.

“Hyun Joong ar, you clean and prepare the ingredients ahead of time, this is very convenient, thank you.” She smilingly says, lightly hugs him.

He clasped her passionately in his arms, this is what he craved the moment she stepped in his apartment,
“Sincha? I want to get more done, but I don’t know how……”

As expected, he got praise from her, grinning ear to ear.

Breathing in the light fragrance from her, even if he is frustrated right now, it is going to melt away.

“Nuna” The door was suddenly thrust open, and Hyung Joon burst in,
“Oh, I’m sorry for disturbing.”

She swiftly flees from his embrace, embarrassedly smoothing down her hair.
“Hyung Joon, what’s the matter?” She shyly asked.

HJ wrinkles up his forehead, just a moment ago, he was thinking to let them off this time, but this dude is irritating him again,
“You BETTER have…….REALLY……Important MATTER.”

Hyung Joon laughs dryly, “Not……Not really, just want to ask when the dinner be ready?”

“You burst in JUST to ask this?”

“hoohoo, just pretended I never came in, you two continue.” Hyung Joon quickly shuts the door.

This really flares him up.
Storming out trying to give that dude a really hard lesson, she once again pulls him back.
“Help me out here, alright?”

“You wait here, I’ll come back shortly.” Trying to storm out again.

But she is not letting go his arm, “They probably are hungry, the faster we prepared dinner, the faster they could finished the meal, probably they would have other activities after dinner.”

Made a deep sigh, she is the strongest protective shield those jerks have, and that is the reason why they have guts to be this much irritating, not afraid to ignore his anger.

End Note:

1 Ramen – Korean Instant Noodle

2 Tteokbokki - also known as Topokki, is a popular Korean snack food which is commonly purchased from street vendors. Originally it was called tteok jjim (떡찜), and was a broiled dish of sliced rice cake, meat, eggs, and seasoning. Tteok jjim an early variant of modern tteokbokki, was once a part of Korean royal court cuisine. Following the Korean War a new type of tteokbokki became very popular. While the older version was a savory dish, this latter type was much more spicy, and quickly became more popular than the older traditional dish. In addition to traditional ingredients, this tteokbokki used gochujang, a hot paste made from chilli peppers, along with fish cakes. For more information, click HERE. Credit to Wikipedia.

3 Yeobo – Korean word meaning “Honey”, “Darling”, “Wife”, etc. when the husband intimately call his wife, in English.

Credits:只想戒毒, from Chinese Ssangchu Baidu Island
Additional information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

© [只想戒毒 & ydwlai] 2009. All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of [只想戒毒 & ydwlai].

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