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Oh! My Lady Episode 1

Oh! My Lady is currently airing at SBS and the drama started off with good rating.
Seriously I didn't have any attentions to watch this drama since I've been busy with work and other stuff lately. But out of my curiosity and without planning it... I end up watching this drama. 

First let's meet the cast before I start pointing out what is good and what is not or what is so great about it.

The story revolves around Yoon Gae-Hwa (Chae Rim), a 35-year-old single mother, divorced and lives with her only daughter Min Ji.
As a single mother, Yoon Kae-Hwa struggled to raise her daughter by doing multiple kind of jobs and trying harder to provide what her daughter need without showing a sign of difficulties to her daughter. Her bright side make you want know what kind of person she is. 

28 years old Sung Min Woo (Choi Si Won), an actors known to be one with good looking, hot body, and that's not all the most important thin is he is a magnet to all the investor out there. As an actor who rise to stardom he also known as an actor who can't act. Means he is nothing without the look. 
To be an actor that can't act doesn't seems to bother him.  Scandals surrounding him but he just absorbed whatever comes, use his charm and fans will go crazy for him all over again. He make the trouble but managers will handle it. 

Sung Min Woo were running with emotions show on his face, everything seems perfect and beautiful until when he started producing his line..... he ruin everything just right after he open his mouth...
Despite of showing how sorry he is for making such mistake he ignorantly continued with his unlikely attitude which make everyone on set sigh and showing an unhappy face and dissatisfied.
He proudly inform his manager he wasn't able to read the script because tired with last night event, but confidently says he can manage the next scene.
And indeed he did prove it that the next scene wasn't a big deal for him, and we know why...

To provide us on how popular he is, he showed up on various event and interviews. Which will give us an idea what kind of person MW is... 

In the other corner of Seoul's, Yoon Gae Hwa and her friends were acting suspiciously. They seems like a CID waiting for the suspect to show up.

And the reason for hiding and waiting were just to sort thing out with her former boss who have owed her proximately 10 million won ($8000) an unpaid salaries. but after doing all sort of things GH once again being manipulated.
In order to live, GH have done many things such as reporter which she managed to provide only one article, and regularly taking a job as a maid. Non of the job really related and it's becoming a problem for her to find a decent job.

Thanks to her good sucking-up skills, she managed to get a maid job with a great payment. she started working immediately and keep reminding herself that she really that job and will work hard no matter in what conditions. 

She work diligently clean and doing all sort of things without knowing who is the person she's working for. While doing the cleaning things in the room area, GH were shocked by the picture hang on the wall. since she is not one of the fanatic fan of MW and regularly attacking  her friend for being so in love with MW... she closely take a look at the picture and agreed to the fact that MW did have that good looking.

While she was mesmerizing and complementing the picture, MW arrives at the right time and catch that moment. But after GH turn around and spot him, she bluntly hit him with a vacuum cleaner assuming him as an intruder.

After a while... GH realize that the person infront her is the famous can't act actors Sung Min Woo. It was too late for her since the damage have been done. So she prepared tomato juice for MW as an apologize. 

MW might be a self centered person but he don't put a grudge means he's not that bad. he accepted the juice and finished it in one gulp and agreed that the juice is indeed are good.

GH continued with her cleaning work and MW focus on watching a movie. But with GH around and looking at him constantly, MW feel distracted and thought GH might want him to give her a signature but GH bluntly said to him that she wasn't asking for signature, and then realize that she shouldn't said so and cover it up she will give it to her friend. 

GH started talking about Kim Myung Min and complement him as a good actor and wonder if MWo close with him but keep saying he might not because good actor only stick to good actor and so on... she seems to forget that it might hurt MW's pride.

After a while she run to the kitchen, remembered that she still hasn't finished with her work. And then MWo came to the kitchen shirtless showing off his chocolate abs and hand a shirt to GH, asking her to iron it and need her to gift extra careful with that shirt since he'll wear it for a fan meeting that night.

GH distracted by a phone call which is come from her daughter Min Ji telling her that the landlord have put out their stuff out of the house for they still haven't paid the rent. Leaving in rush GH forgot to switch off the iron.

Being thrown out from the house, GH and Min Ji has no place to turn too and they end up spending times in public bath aka sauna. As a single mother, GH have no other choice but contact her ex-husband and ask him to take good care of Min Ji for a while. Since Min Ji's father is still in a honeymoon mood, he at first reluctant to accept the idea but than give in.

When GH end up in a dusty little room at a motel... MW has a fan meeting and he managed to cover up the hole on his shirt by showing off his abs and make his fan go crazy.

Long story short, let's meet two person which soon will keep appeared in GH's and MW's life.

A reporter who put a lot of efforts on digging MW's romance and private life. He'll do anything to get a good coverage of the most wanted actor. He's not the type of reporter that most artist want to bump with.

Yoon Shi Joon, a person who have all the confidence in him. He run a small company name Show Company. The company is preparing for a musical called 'All That Love'. The only problem with the new project is to get a fund. in order to get an attentions from the investors, he put up MW's name on the list just like what Jae Hee told him. By doing so, investor challenge them to get Min Woo as part of the musical, only then they will invest and without hesitation he agreed to it.

He act cool in every where, he worried less about things that people think as an impossible but keep on agreeing and take on challenge whenever he can. The confidence in him however put worries on his staff Jae Hee and Jin Hoo.

In the other hand, GH who called by an agency and told her to attend an interview at The Show Company practicing on a roof top on how to display herself while interview without knowing that YSJ was there listening to everything she said which soon will be heard by him again.

When Jae Hee and Jin Hoo realize that GH was there for an interview they find out that there is something wrong and find out that the job posting were sent to the wrong company, and told her that it was a mistake.

GH insisted that she can do the job, and that put a laugh into Jae Hee and sarcastically asks 'then, can you get MW for us?' 

Just like typical ahjumma she speak out her mind by saying that MW is not suitable for musical and started pointing out he wasn't a good actor and he's lack in manner and so on.

Ask by Jae Hee why is she so confident about that she just said she know him and it's not something to lie about.

Listening to all her mumbling YSJ finally voice out, that if she can get MW than she'll be hire as a permanent worker. Which of coz put GH into a shocked.

My thought:
Truthfully... I wasn't that impressed with the story line. But it still the first 2 episode so I'll suck it up and bare with it  and wait for the next episode to do the conclusions.
Other than that, I'm impressed with Si Won acting skills. I've seen him on 18 vs 29,  A Battle of Wits... and I can't say much about it. But trough this drama even from the 1st episode he make it worth to watch. I wasn't talking about his look or hot body, but the way he express the feelings without saying anything much. When he annoyed he just put 'that' expression and he really look annoyed. Well still to early to judge but I like it when I want to feel that he is a jerk and he make the feelings so real... that's when I decide what kind of actor he is.
I've been rooting for Chae Rim for her new character. She have been successfully with Oh Dal Ja's Spring but on 2008 & 2009... I hardly think of her even when she actually come up with new drama. Chae Rim as Gae Hwa it's a perfect role for her, she's hardly an ahjumma but still she feels like one. The way she talk, think and act she totally turn into an ahjumma. 
Other character... I think I need to watch it again coz none of them make me feel any different.... accept for the reporter, he's good on portraying an annoying reporter I can't help but think he is good. Whenever he talk and appeared he seriously annoyed me but feel funny at the same time. So I'm impressed with this.

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