Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moon Geun Young Turns Evil in Cinderella’s Sister

After hyping up Cinderella’s Sister with pictures of Moon Geun Young looking pure and innocent in a school uniform, more stills of her in her drama role were released today as it shows her making a radical 180° transformation.
Moon Geun Young is known for being the Nation’s Little Sister but it seems like she is ready to break out of her shell. Her character Eunjo is a girl that speaks with no censorship and has a cold expressionless smile.
The new pictures of Moon Geun Young shows the actress looking kind of scary. The messy hair, alcohol bottle and death stare is definitely a creepy mixture.
These pictures definitely got me more excited for the drama than I was before. The upcoming Wednesday-Thursday night drama will debut from March 31st and is starring other big name stars such as Chun Jung Myung,and Seo Woo.
Credit Source: allkpop

* Another picture that make you wonder what kind evil sister she is. I think I'm gonna like her no matter what role she come up with evil or angel she just look good LOL.

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