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(Fanfic) Acceptance & Avowal

Extra Stories # 1: Title: Acceptance & Avowal

Travelling to Japan to promote their new Japanese Album1, knowing JaeJoong and his group are in Japan with their schedules too, HJ phoned JaeJoong, asking them to meet up for a drink,

They confirmed to gather the next day at night, When HJ and his boys arrived at the club, Yunho’s group already arrived for awhile.

After greeting to each other, they settled down, HJ takes a look at Yunho, Since that night when the two of them drinking alone and got drunk, this is the only time he encounters with Yunho. Maybe it is only his impression, it seems like Yunho is distracted and listless.

Among the group, only JaeJoong could catch up with him on his drinking capacity, HJ enjoys drinking with JaeJoong.

It has been a long while since they met each other, they enjoy themselves chatting and playing games, Yunho is very quiet, just say a few words here and there, sitting there drinking alone.

While finished drinking the fifth bottle with JaeJoong, HJ saw Yunho getting up walking towards the washroom, he got up and followed.

While washing hands,
“Want to refresh a bit outside? ……” HJ looks at Yunho says,
“Kule2 ……” Yunho nodded,

Standing at the back alley of the club, no one passing by there, Spring night breeze flows through, such a nice weather, very comfortable.

Leaning on the wall, HJ raises his head looking into the clear night sky, softly said,
“She said yes.”

“What? ……” Yunho obviously in shock,
“I said…… She agreed to accept me.” HJ looks at Yunho said.

Looking at HJ, Yunho having a hard time holding his emotion, then, slowly turning away from his stare,
“Since when ……”
“Not too long ago ……”

“Are you asking me to give you congratulation?” Yunho looks at HJ again, pain clearly sealed in his gaze.
HJ shakes his head, “No, ……, just thought I should let you know.”

“Are you smug?” Yunho asked.
“To you, I’m not ……” He is just getting a little bit luckier than Yunho.

Yunho made a long sigh, “Make sure to treat her well, I will keep watching.”
“I will not give you any chance.”
These words are not only for Yunho, they are for the others too, HJ adds in his mind.

“Really want to have a smoke……. You got some?”
HJ took the package from his pocket, drew two cigarettes out, giving one to Yunho, light it up for him,

The two men were puffing away at a cigarette silently ……

Yunho takes the last puff, then, put out the cigarette butt.

“Let’s get in ……”
“You go ahead, I will stay a bit longer……”

Yunho takes a look at him before getting in.

Finishing up his smoke, HJ takes out his cell phone, dials her number,
“Hello, where are you?”
“At home. How about you?”

“Gathering with Yunho and his group ……”
“Really? …… Make sure to drink less, you just get slightly better ……”

“Kule ……”
“Are Yunho and the others doing well?”

“…… Will get well ……”
“What is it? ……”

“Nothing, …… You want me to say hi for you?”
“Are you crazy? Don’t be impetuous.”

Listening to her nervous words, he starts to laugh,
“I’m just joking, make sure you rest early, arraso?”
“Kule, you too, don’t be too late…..”

Hanging up, drawing a deep satisfied breath, getting back in the club. That night, Yunho got himself seriously drunk, Him too, being forced to drink a lot, at the end, he could not even stand still, Jung Min and the rest of his members carried him back.


End Note:

1 Japanese Album Promotion - SS501 "All My Love" was released on May 13, 2009, the #8 Track "Let's Break Away" is the track that with Hye Jung's Collaboration. Click HERE to listen the track made by the fans (the original did not have Hye Jung's voice in it, but I think it sounds better with Hye Jung's Collaboration!!). SS501 depart on May 16 to Japan to promote their album, and came back to Seoul on May 18. During the promotion, they got the Handshaking event which 7,000 fans attended. Click HERE and HERE for the clips of the Fancam departing and arriving at Seoul on May 16 and May 18

2 Kule – Korean word meaning “okay” in English

Credits:只想戒毒, from Chinese Ssangchu Baidu Island
Additional information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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  1. thanks for sharing, a nice one- shot on yunho-hb-khj triangle. love all three of them, feel sorry for yunho...

  2. yeah...sometimes i think hb better be with yunho than hj...yunho seem really like her instead of hj..