Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moon Geun Young in a School Uniform For The First Time in 6 Years

Actress Moon Geun Young is putting on a school uniform for the first time in almost 6 years since her leading role in the romantic comedy film My Little Bride.
The actress is gaining much attention for reprising her role as a “cute student” for the upcoming drama Cindrella’s Sister. She looks quite stunning with her long beautiful hair and school uniform. On the day of filming, even the staff said, “She truly does look like she owns the role, and the uniform works perfectly for her.
Besides the movie A Tale of Two Sisters, My Little Bride was Moon Geun Young’s major breakthrough film at the young age of 17. But it’s been a long time since then and the director has confidence in her acting abilities saying, “The 23-year-old Moon Geun Young is a totally different version of the 17-year-old that we all know and love. Her charisma is completely different and you’ll be able to see how much she’s matured and become more of a woman in this drama.
Since her breakout film, she’s been dubbed as “Korea’s little sister” because she’s the kind of girl you’d want as a little sister. But it seems now that she may become “Korea’s older sister.”
Credit Source: allkpop
* She still have that cute look but in a matured way. Can't wait for this drama to hit the TV.

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