Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lee Bum Soo’s Wife-to-be Officially Announces Their Wedding

Lee Bum Soo will be getting married to Lee Yoon Jin, a 27 year old English newspaper columnist, a translator and an English language teacher. She is also well-known as hallyu star, Rain’s English teacher! Lee Bum Soo revealed through a text message on the 10th that their wedding will be on May 22nd at the W Hotel.
Lee Yoon Jin recently shared her feelings and officially announced their wedding on her minihompy.
On the 11th, Lee Yoon Jin put up a picture of her with her future husband, Lee Bum Soo, on her cyworld minihompy and commented, “I am finally getting married”, “We will live happily” and other short comments in English. Also, she titled the post,“Bum & Yoon”, showing everyone their nicknames.
Netizens who saw the picture said, “The couple looks so good together! Miss Yoon Jin, congratulations”, “The two are perfect for each other. I wish for the best of your happiness, love and wellness” and other positive and supportive comments.
Their relationship became public last November, and Lee Yoon Jin became famous as a famous columnist, translator, and even Rain’s English teacher.
This will be Lee Bum Soo’s second wedding. In 2003, he married his colleague, but ended up getting divorced only five months later.
Let’s hope that this wedding is successful, and congratulations to both!
Credit Source: allkpop
*Finally... both look perfect for each other. Lee Yoon Jin is so pretty. Congratulations to both!!!

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  1. Congratulations and Best Wishes!