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Mal's Jia Jia Video Clip Consequence

Today he is not in his concentrated state, very much absent-minded. In the morning, HJ and Manager met up with the advertising company he is working with, MH1 is discussing with the marketing director on their upcoming project, but their conversation mutedly wafting in and then mutedly wafting away from him, he is not really listening or paying any attention, he has no trace of memory on what they discussed. In the afternoon, he went to the studio, practicing the choreography. It did not go well either, he kept making mistakes here and there, repeating the same moves over and over again, making him edgy and twitchy, before he went out of temper, he straightforwardly stopped the practice and said sorry to the dancers and asked them to arrange to practice some other time.

Taking the shower, then, getting back to the parking lot, sitting in his car, he does not rush to start the car, instead, he leans on the steering wheel staring forward absent-minded.

Where would he go next?

Pulling out the cell phone from his pocket, staring at the screen, it is exactly the same as how he checked countless times through out the day, there is no message, and there is no incoming or missed call. *Heavily sigh*……

Swiftly pressing the numbers he memorized by heart, shilly-shally for some moments, finally pressed “Dial”.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …… After 6 or 7 dialing tones, finally get connected,

Immediately, He vibrantly says, “Hello ……”
“What?” A slight raspy voice said, showing a sense of distress,

Dryly giggles and murmurs, “Ho ho, just …… just wanna ask you where you are now?”

“Didn’t I tell you yesterday not to get in touch with me for a week? Why are you still calling me?”

“Don’t get mad anymore, getting mad all the time will cause wrinkles.”
“Pish, …… Buzz off!” She is pouting and going to hang up.

“Wa……it …… Wait,” HJ hastily said but stutter trying to stop her from hanging up.
“What is it still?” She said in her uncaring tone.

“It is not my fault this time, really. It is Mal that dude, why are you reckoning it on me?” Her indifferent tone making him nervous, he could not help it anymore, he needs to defend himself,

“What are you saying? It is not your fault this time, then, which time is your fault?”
“Ah…… There is none ……., anyway this is not the main point here, the main point is obviously that is Mal’s fault, why am I taking the blame?” HJ is trying hard to defend himself.

“If they were not getting your tacit agreement, how would they ……, A shi, never mind, let it be, I’m just gonna be mad for a week anyway, don’t call me in a week, no, in 6 days.” She hanged up right after she barely finishes her words.

“Ai, wait ……”

Listening to the disconnecting tone from the other end, “doo….. doo……”, he has no choice but to hang up.

At first, he is going to wait for a week as planned, wait until she is not upset anymore. When both of them are busy, it is understandable that they could not meet up that often, and he already made an effort restraining himself from getting together. Now, both of them are free, but he has to restrain himself just because of such silly reason, he is feeling pathetic and distraught, it just feels like getting scratches from a wild car that you cannot stand.

It is all Mal’s fault, that jerk, just thought about it, his temper is flaring up, picking up his phone and dialed his numbers immediately.


“Yah, you’re such a jerk, it’s your entire fault, and now she’s not going to meet with me for a week.” HJ is yelling at the phone,

“Tune it down, I could hear, then don’t meet, and just wait for a week, meeting next week is fine too.”
Jung Min said in a calm, relaxed and indifferent tone. Listening to his indifferent tone, HJ’s tantrum is flaring up further.

“Yah! See what you did, why I have to take the punishment for what you jerk did?”
“Pish, why are you making a fist out of it, don’t be cheesy like this.” Jung Min unconcernedly teased HJ.

“You Jerk, I haven’t even reckoning on what you did, and you even showing your arrogant attitude towards me, why are you doing that, when you already knew that is what she care about?”
“How could you blame me for that? If it isn’t you who kept watching Nuna’s stage performances clips before the interview, I would not do it out of my reflex, don’t you think that fits perfectly to promote Jia Jia record?” While Jung Min is still commenting, Jung Min starts to sing along again “Jia la Jia la Jia la ......Jia la Jia la Jia la …….”

HJ grinds his teeth, “Shut up, ……. It’s pointless explaining to me, go explaining to her.”

“Why would I? Not meeting for a week isn’t such a big deal, right? No one there to nag you about drinking, smoking and playing games, isn’t it a bonus?” Jung Min clearly said it in a teasing tone.

“You Jerk, what are those disheartened words for, Okay, say it now, say what you are looking for.”
“What are you saying, I don’t understand.” Jung Min speaks above an ordinary tone, slowly and intentionally.

“Don’t pretend anymore, even if you do so, I’m not buying it. You figure out how to calm her down, I paid you.”

“That’s right, provided that you don’t go too far.”

“Ok, …… But, isn’t Nuna paying too much caution? Wherever we go, we would meet Ssangchu couple fans, and seems that they are not in a small number, you two are really born under a lucky star making everyone envious. Not only that, you also make your compromise negotiated with the management, now that even the management is not against that much, why you two are all tense up in such little incidence.”

“This is not something that simply, she got a lot of pressure to begin with, and I don’t want her to bear any extra stress, just do what you suppose to do, you don’t need to pay attention to the rest.”

He doesn’t want to say too much, there are a lot of things don’t look as simple as they thought, even the ordinary people find it hard to live a simple and peaceful life, not to say celebrity. He agrees to what she insist on, at least wait until the contract with DSP ended, they should put their relationship under as much covers as possible, getting through the transition as smooth as possible, otherwise he cannot imagine how harsh the aftermath would be.

Hanging up with Jung Min, does not feel like going out for a drink, he starts the car, heading back to his own apartment.

End Note:

1 MH – Manager Han

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