Thursday, January 14, 2010

Autumn's Concerto / 下一站,幸福 1st Stop

"You probably don't care about anything in your life. That's why you can hurt others like this without feeling sorry... You're only hurting yourself, because you're just falling into becoming a lowlife. Treating yourself like trash, you'll just keep falling into a can." (Liang Mu Cheng)

"I sincerely wanted to ask you out to apologize to you. You're book, you're fish, you're time, you're innocence.... I'm sorry." (Ren Guang Xi)

"You don't need to apologize to me... because it's no use to apologize. What gone is gone, the harm has been done. Apologizing won't turn back time, and it won't let what has happened to go away." (Liang Mu Cheng)

"Did you know that on the ice, if you give your hand to the other person, it's the same as entrusting your life to him. When I said that I would hold on to you, it's the same as promising to protect you. No matter what it takes, I will protect you." ( Ren Guang Xi)

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