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Promise (Chapter 24 & 25)

Chapter 24

After HJ regained his consciousness, he found himself lying on the bed in the hospital, his surrounding is thick with the smell of disinfectant.

He saw the concerned expression from MH who’s with him all the time, “Hyun Joong, you finally awake.” MH said.

HJ tries to move his body, and finds that his waist is still painful.

“What happened?” HJ asked.

“We had a car accident.” MH replied.

“O, sincha?” HJ kind of remembered how he felt on the strong impact.

“Is there anyone injured?” HJ continue to ask.

“I’m okay, you still need to go through the detailed examination.”

HJ tried his best to sit up, and to move his arms and legs,

“Seems like there’s nothing serious ……when could I discharge from the hospital?”

He must rush back to the filming location, he still has to fulfill his filming mission. He lifts the blanket, and trying to get out of the bed.

“I already contacted the filming crew about our condition, and they will arrange to push back your filming schedule.” MH holds him from getting off the bed, “The doctor will come to do the examination later, and you better take some rest first.”

After hearing what MH said, HJ lay back down,

“I need to deal with the reporters.” MH helps to put the blanket back on HJ.

“Why? The media knew about it already?” HJ asked.

“Yep, the reporters got the news right after the accident occurred, and there must be reports about the incident already, I need to explain your condition to them. “ MH said.

MH left his room right after. Lying on the bed, HJ takes a look at the window, it should be at nighttime now, but the neon lights from the commercial boards are so bright that it feels like daytime.

This is the first time HJ involved in this kind of car collision. Although he fell asleep and had only dim memories of the accident, he gets rather scary now when he thought back about the accident. He so painstakingly built up his career and it just started to have substantive leap; he so carefully irrigated his love and it has not blossomed into beautiful flowers yet, if his life unfortunately ended like this, how regretful this would be.

‘When you had the fear of losing something important, you would then start to fully understand the meaning of cherish.’ Now he finally values thoroughly what this phrase means, is it indicate that he’s getting mature?

Her every twinkle and smile unstoppably jumps in his mind, sometimes close by, sometimes far away, just like the distance between him and her now. At times, he felt she is so close that he could touch her when he reached his hand out; at times, he felt she is so far that they seems to be standing in each end of the opposite banks and he could only watch her from distant.

Yoon Ji Hoo, His character in the drama, is someone who is willing to give up his love for his friendship. In the past, he firmly believed he would put friendship in his priority too, he thought man should be liked this.

Lately, he envisages countless times putting her in the same scenario ------ if she was the one he needed to give up for his friendship, would he still be willing to give her up this generously? NO, he can’t, he can’t bear that she would unfold her enchanting blush to someone other than him; he can’t bear that she would focus and care for someone other than him; he can’t bear the most that he was not the one staying with her in the end, and he feels like he can’t breathe whenever he thought about it.

He clearly aware, with her, he still got a long way to go, and he is preparing and equipping himself inwardly for this.

His thought breaks off because the doctor comes in, and the thorough examination is carried out. After the examinations, it’s been another 2 hours before the results were finally released. Other than the sprain on his waist muscle, everything seems fine, and he could discharge from the hospital.

MH immediately helps HJ to complete the discharge procedure, and brings HJ to the dorm. It is around 10pm when they arrived at the dorm. Before MH leaves, he emphasizes to HJ that he should rest well, and he will pick him up tomorrow afternoon for the commercial filming.

He is the only one in the dorm, the other members are not back yet. HJ called Omma to ensure her that he is fine and not to worry about him.

He lies on the bed trying to get some more sleep, he toss and turn but couldn’t fall asleep, so he may as well gets up to check some e-mails and leave some messages in their official fan website.

There is a lot of news reporting about his car accident, and tones of fan messages pour in reminding him to put safety first and to take care of his health.

‘Would she hear about his accident?’ HJ thought, and picked up his phone planning to send her a message, but after a second thought, he put his phone down and didn’t send the message.

Shortly after, he hears sound from opening the door, and then Hyung Joon, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng walk in.

Hyung Joon is clamouring and hurrying his way to HJ’s room and opens the door,

“Hyung, Hyung, are you alright?”

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng follow and walk in behind Hyung Joon with their disquieting expression as well.

“Yep, I had done all necessary examinations, nothing serious.” HJ said calmly.

“Hearing that you got into a car accident, I’m almost scared to death.” Hyung Joon slapped himself down on the bed.

“Hyung, are you sure you are alright?” Kyu Jong asked emphatically.

“I’m okay, just sprained my waist muscle.” HJ said.

“That’s good, thanks god.” Kyu Jong breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hyung, do you know? We didn’t aware of your car accident until I received a call from Hwangbo nuna.”

HJ raises his brow and looks at Hyung Joon, giving him a sign to continue.

“We are filming a show in the TV station when Hwangbo nuna called. She asked if you are doing okay, at first, I thought her question is a bit odd…..then she said she heard you were involved in a car accident……I immediately called MH to find out the details, and MH said you two were in the hospital already, but you’re not awake yet. MH further told us that the doctor went through a brief examination and no major injury was found, but a thorough examination is needed……, I was scared to death!”

“Did you tell her?” HJ asked.

“I called nuna back right away, and told her everything MH told me.” Hyung Joon said.

“What about afterward? Did you tell her I awakened and discharged from the hospital?” HJ asked again.

“O…..I am too anxious, I……forgot, I just remembered now.” Hyung Joon scratched his head.

HJ picked up his phone, “I am fine, you all could go rest now.”

The three take a look at each other, then walked out and closed the door behind them. HJ dialled the familiar numbers immediately, and it was picked up right after the first ring.

“Hello……is this Hyun Joong?” HJ heard her voice full of hesitant tone.

“It’s me.”

“You……are you okay?” He is not sure if that is his illusion, her voice sounded a little shiver.

“I’m okay, I got discharge from the hospital already, and I’m back in the dorm.”

“Whew……, that’s good.” He heard her breathed a long sigh of relief.

“Don’t worry.”

She did not continue,

“I……could I request a special favor?” He continued.

“Why? ……”

“Even though I’m not injured, but I’m startled, I got adequate reason to request a special favor.”

“Ha……where is this come from.” She laughed.

Hearing her laughter, he starts to smile too.

“Well, let’s hear what kind of favor you are requesting.” She said.

“Hmm……the thing I wanted the most, could I?” He mustered up his courage asked, and carefully listened to her tone.

There’s only silence from her end,

“Could I? He asked again. Still silence,

“Ai …… I just wanted to have the tasty Samgyetang again, but you seem you are this troubled by the request, I’m hurt.” He pretended he is disappointed.

Pssssh…., she titters lightly.

“Let me think, hmm……, ok, just because you are startled.”

“Nice!” He blurted out.

“But how could I give it to you?” HB asked.

HJ considers a bit, “If I said I could go or you would come, you most likely would not agree, how about this, I will ask Hyung Joon to come and pick it up from you.”

“When will he come?” She asked.

“Whenever you said, it is quite complicated to make that.” He said.

“Tomorrow around noon time, is that okay?” HB asked.

“Wow, I am able to taste it tomorrow, that’s great.” HJ laughed.

“Ok then, you should go get some more sleep now.”

“Yep, you too.” HJ said and hanged up.

HJ walked out of his room, and saw Hyung Joon sitting in the living room watching TV.

“Hyung Joon, you need to go to Hwangbo nuna’s place by noon tomorrow to pick up something for me.”

Hyung Joon loudly complained,

“Why? Why I have to do this?”

HJ grasp Hyung Joon’s neck to stop him from yelling, “Because……you need to pay back your guilt.”

“Why? How I could be guilty when I didn’t even do anything wrong.” Hyung Joon tried to escape from HJ’s grasp.

“You forgot to keep her informed and made her worried for so long, you said you are not guilty?” HJ said.

Hyung Joon loss his words and did not dare to response for awhile “That’s......, that’s......”

“That’s it, confirmed. I’m going to sleep now.”

HJ walked out on Hyung Joon who is still jumping up and down complaining, and went back to his room. Feeling quite good, HJ fall asleep shortly.

After a good night sleep, didn’t even had a dream, HJ wakes up around noon time, his muscles are still sore, but the dark circles fade away a lot. Hyung Joon is following his order to go to her place, and hasn’t come back yet.

After he took a shower, HJ gets the script on hand and starts studying it. Awhile later, Hyung Joon is back, walking in sulkily with a small bag in his hand and he pushed it over to HJ. “It’s for you.”

Ignoring Hyung Joon who’s still standing beside him, he takes out the vacuum bottle, but he finds another bottle in the bag. He takes it out, and it’s a medicated balm.

“What is this?” He looks up and asks Hyung Joon.

“Nuna said this is a very good balm for muscle sprain, she used it before when she sprained her muscle during taekwondo practise, and it gives a good relief on muscle pain.”

“You told her?” HJ remembered he didn’t mention to her about the sprain on his waist.

“Of course.” Hyung Joon said delightedly.

“Fool, why you telling her this.”

Hyung Joon gets irritated and shouts, “This is too much, I’m doing you a favor, you didn’t say thank you and yet you scolds at me.”

“Why should I say thanks? Don’t tell me you didn’t get a great lunch from her before you came back.” HJ asquint stared at Hyung Joon, this chap is getting all the advantages and still pretended being slaved, only god knows how much I want to see her.

Hyung Joon’s making his hollow laugh, “Ho ho, I’ve got there just at the right moment, Nuna was preparing Lunch, and so I have lunch with her, ho ho.”

“Nuna reminded you to eat it when it’s still warm, my mission accomplished, dismiss.” Hyung Joon runs away from HJ before HJ flares up of envy.

HJ twists open the vacuum bottle, the familiar aroma greets him, and it provokes his appetite. He didn’t eat anything the whole time waiting for this.

He ate it all, didn’t even leave a drop, and he sent her a message afterward,

“It is very delicious, I gains back my energy now. And thank you for the medicated balm.”

She replied, “As long as you like it, fighting”

Chapter 25

A few days had passed, she finally recovered from the shocking news, the news that he was involved in the car accident.

She didn’t have any schedule in the afternoon that day, and went back home early. She prepared and had a light dinner, then, turned on her computer, checking news and updating her cyworld site.

She was habitually checking his news in the internet, but the shocking news popped up, “F4 member Kim Hyun Joong was involved in a car accident while headed to BOF filming location. The accident occurred at 17:40pm today January 21, 2009, the car was severely damaged. Kim Hyun Joong was sent to the Hospital, but his condition is unknown.”

Her mind was in sudden buzz, her heart was cramped at this instant, her blood froze, and she was stunned staring at the screen couldn’t move a bit.

She couldn’t believe the person who just sent her a message stating that he was damn tired, now suddenly became the protagonist of such stunning news. The hidden meaning behind the statement “Unknown condition”, she did not dare to think and she did not willing to think.

He would be alright, certainly would be alright.

Instinctively, she wanted to call him right away, but before she pressed ‘sent’ button, she realized she was muddleheaded, how would he answered the phone right now?

She told herself not to panic, couldn’t be panic, she had to stay calm, but she still couldn’t control over her shaking hands.

After awhile, she finally realized she could phone Hyung Joon to ask for his condition. Trying really hard to keep her tone calm, she did not want to reveal her emotions in front of Hyung Joon. Hyung Joon didn’t know the incident yet, he said he would call MH right away to figure out the situation, and asked her to wait for his call.

8 minutes had passed, Hyung Joon called back, he said HJ was not awoke yet, but the doctor stated there’s no major injury after the initial examination, and the doctor needed to do the detailed examination to confirm, HB reminded Hyung Joon to keep her informed on his latest status.

Grabbing her cell phone tightly in her hand, she endlessly refreshing the news web pages hoping to get the latest updates, time passes by minute by minute, but nothing was updated, nothing about his condition was mentioned. How have he been in the end? The worry, the anxiety started to spread uncontrollably that filled every bit of her, she couldn’t handle it anymore.

His images were the only images appeared in her mind, these images went through her mind like a movie. The intense gaze he had looking at her; the way he shook his shoulders squinting at her and burst out laughing; the annoyed look he had complaining the revealing clothes she wore……

Remorse is piling up from the bottom of her heart; in one hand, she’s enjoying the happiness he brought her; but on the other hand, refusing him to get any closer. She had been truly unfair to him. Is the unknown future really more important than the happiness right in front of them?

She did not know how long had passed, but there’s finally an update on his status, ‘the spokesperson of DSP Entertainment stated Kim Hyun Joong was not injured, he was just startled, and he was in the hospital undergo further examination.’

She tried to relax herself after reading this update, but something not seems right, if there’s truly nothing serious, Hyung Joon should called her back right away, would this be the standard statement from the management released to the press to calm the media down, but his actual condition was not optimistic?

The upsurge of these emotions took hold of her until her phone rang. The call display showed it’s actually from his cell phone, she picked it up at once, would this really from him?

Holding the phone with her shaky hand, she hesitantly asked, “Hello……is this Hyun Joong?”

She heard his voice, “It’s me.” Half of her weary heart calmed down.

“You…..are you okay?” She couldn’t control her shaky voice.

“I’m okay, I got discharge from the hospital already, and I’m back in the dorm.” His voice sounded very steady, didn’t seems being uncomfortable.

“Whew……, that’s good.” The other half of her weary heart finally calmed down.

When she heard him saying “Don’t worry”, for a moment, she had the feeling to burst into tears. Next he was joking with her as usual, she realized this is his special way trying to cheer her up, whenever he sensed that she’s feeling down or in low spirit.

She understood the favor he requested “The thing he wanted the most”, and there’s a split of second, the reply “Okay” almost slipped out from her lips, but she made all her efforts to swallow it down.

She knew that is irresponsible to make promise under such emotion.

The next day, she woke up early in the morning, and went to the supermarket to find all the ingredients to make Samgyetang, she started preparing it right away once she got home. Knowing Hyung Joon would be coming around noon time, she prepared a plentiful lunch, so that he could have his lunch before heading back to the dorm.

By the time Hyung Joon arrived, the Samgyetang was just ready.

“Woo, it smells really good.” Hyung Joon sniffed deeply while HB is pouring the Samgyetang into the vacuum bottle.

“Sincha? This is for Hyun Joong, for him to recover his strength from the accident.” She smiled at HJB.

“There’s no need for Hyun Joong Hyung to recover his strength, he is already energetic, and he even threatened me last night to come over and bring him stuffs back.” Hyung Joon pouted his lips complaining.

“He sure is okay, isn’t he?” HB asked to confirm.

“He sprained the muscle on his waist.” HJB answered.

“Sincha?” Why didn’t he mention this to her.

“Nuna, I’m sorry, I was too worried yesterday, and forgot to call you back telling you that Hyun Joong Hyung was okay and was discharged from the hospital.” HJB apologized.

No wonder why she didn’t receive his call, she almost forgets if he didn’t mention, “O, Kenchana1.” HB said.

“Hyun Joong Hyung said I didn’t call you back and got you worried for so long, he threatened me to pay back my guilt, and ordered me to do him the favour.” HJB continued complaining to HB.

“O,“ He understood how she felt, and that’s why he called her back.

Having lunch with Hyung Joon, while Hyung Joon’s still eating the tasty foods she prepared, he emphasized that he took great advantage coming over.

After lunch, she took the medicated balm that’s good for the muscle sprain, and put it together with the vacuum bottle then passed it to HJB for him to bring back to HJ.

The shock she got that day is enormously unbearable, this unwittingly led her to think again her innermost feeling, and started to prudently consider what he mentioned about the possibility of their future.

In the following days, whenever she got a message from him, she always feels thankful to god for bringing him back.

This day, HB receives a call from Yunho,

“Nuna, are you free tomorrow night?”

“I got a filming tomorrow, not sure what time could be finished, what’s the matter?” HB asked.

“Tomorrow is our debut 5th Anniversary2, we will be holding a party in the club, I would like to invite Nuna to join us.” Yunho said.

“Wow, there should be a lot of people coming, Nuna will definitely join this jolly party, when will the party end?” This is a big celebration, she should participate and congratulate them.

“Nuna could come after the filming, we will be there the whole night, Nuna could come anytime.” Yunho said.

“Okay, Nuna will come for sure.” HB said.

The next day, she got a message from HJ during the filming,

“Do you have any plan tonight?”

She finds it strange, he never asks question like this, feels like he wanted to date her. But she still honestly replies telling him that she will join Yunhos’ party after her filming.

“Around what time would the filming end?” He sent a message again asked.

“Probably around 10 o’clock, why?” She replied back.

“Arasho3, nothing” He didn’t reply after this. What is this, he’s such an inexplicable guy.

After the filming, it almost reached 10:30pm.
She hurries and gets changed into her ivory short dress, white short boots, wearing the pale yellow crystal earrings from Yunho, put on her white coat, and heading to the club.

End Note

1 Kenchana – Korean word means I’m okay in English.
2 TVXQ debut 5th Anniversity – February 5, 2009, and also celebrating birthday of Hero (January 26) and Yunho (February 6)
3 Arasho – Korean word means understand in English.

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