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Promise (Chapter 20 & 21)

Chapter 20

December 31, last day of 2008, HB finished her schedule early, and she went back to her parent’s house, spending the New Year Eve with her family. Because of her irregular working schedules, it is better for her to live in her own apartment on everyday basis, this way she won’t affect her parent too much.

When HB arrived home, she’s following her mom around, staying with her, and helping out to prepare the dinner. She will always be her mom’s little girl whenever she stays with her. She enjoys these comforting and peaceful moments, and it’s so relaxing that seems like all the burdens and worries were filtered outside their house.

Her brother came home too, it is hard to gather all four of them to have dinner together, and today is the day, that’s why her mom prepared a lot of traditional Korean dishes. The food is so delicious, and HB ate a lot that night. To help her digest and to work out, HB insisted to wash the dishes, her mom couldn’t convince her, so she sat close by and chatted with her while HB is washing the dishes.

“Hye Jung……” Mom said.

“Yea……” turned to look at her mom.
“There are a lot of people said they want to introduce someone to you, asking me when would you have time for this.” Mom said while smiled at HB.

“I know enough people already, I don’t need someone to introduce more people to me.”

HB knew where her mom wants to lead her, she’s been playing innocent, pretending not to know what she meant.

“Actually, they want to arrange blind dates for you.” Mom still smiles at her.

HB makes a sigh, “I don’t need blind dates, and you know already that I don’t like to know someone in this kind of situation.”

“Hye Jung ar, you are in the age of getting married……”

“Mom……” She stopped her mom continues the topic.

“I know my Hye Jung got a lot of admirers, so, I already turned them down for you.” Mom said.

“Mom, you are always the one who know me the best.” HB with her hands still wet, she just turned and hugged her mom tightly and kissed loudly on her cheek.

“Hey, child, you are all grown up and you still played around like this?” Mom is smiling but trying to run away from her kisses.

“Even I’m all grown up, I am still your beloved daughter.” HB said.

“That’s right, but my daughter will eventually get married one day.”

Seeing her mom feeling a bit blue, HB feels having something weighty on her heart. She feels like rebuking herself, a lot of friends and relatives around her age are already got married, some even have kids, mom should be envious about this.

“I don’t even have a person to consider to get marry with now, aren’t you really worry about me?” HB asked, but turning her back, not braves enough to see her mom’s expression.

“Is there any mom in the world not worried about her children?……But mom wishes that you will not get married just because you need to get married; mom wants to see that you find the one you love, and you decided you wanted to live with him, at that time, when you come and tell me you want to get married, then that will be the happiest moment to mom.” Her mom said.

HB turns back again, lightly hugged her mom, breathing in the special light and soft scent her mom has. Her nose twitched and her voice sounds like she wants to weep, and said, “Mom, thank you.”

“You little girl ……” Her mom lightly rubs her hair, “My daughter is pretty and kind-hearted, surely would be blessed with Happiness.”

“How would you praise and glorify your own daughter like this, what if …..What if……I couldn’t find the one I loved?” HB hesitates.

“At that time, mom will drag you to blind dates, and helped you to find that special person.” Her mom said it firmly.

HB starts to laugh, feeling she’s the luckiest person in the world, because she got the greatest mom on earth. The mom that is thoroughly understanding and considering.

Finished washing the dishes, the whole family is watching TV in the living room and they are enjoying some cut fruit prepared by HB and her mom. Around 10:30pm, the parent went to bed, and her brother got some works to finish and went to his room too, leaving her in the living room watching TV. She’s holding the remote control, constantly changing channels, most of the channels are for year-end awards, from TV drama, Entertainment, Movie, to Music; she didn’t feel like watching these shows, so she turned off the TV and went back to her room.

It is still early for her, she doesn’t even feel a tiny sleepiness.

Another hour or so, she will turn 30. She still remembered during her freshman year, she thought of the fear a woman would face when she reached her thirty, and she pictured it would be like facing the end of the world. Without her noticing it, she’s reaching her thirty soon, but the end of the world did not come, and there’s no fear that feels like the comet is going to destroy the world. She’s still as calm as how she lives her normal day, she doesn’t even feel a trace of emotional surge, instead she feels serene and tranquil.

It’s time to say farewell to 2008, if there’s something considered as the best reward of the year, it probably be WGM. She experienced the married life, gained popularity, and even received the Best Couple award. If there’s something bothered her the most in the year, it most likely is WGM too. From the beginning, his idol image and his lack of cooperation bothered her. Later on, after they got familiar with each other, she realized her heart actually trembled because of him.

She felt shy in front of him, and she felt her heart ached on their farewell. Even now, she’s still very much vexed about their relationship. She wants to leave naturally and unrestrainedly, but then more and more, she found herself can’t let go of him, seems like she’s being trapped, doesn’t know what to do.

She takes out her dairy, on the last day of the year, she wants to write down her moods and feelings. At this moment, a message received, it’s from him.
“Congratulation, we both gained a year of age.”
Gee, is this something worth congratulating for her? She decided not to response to this chap.
But his second message came in again.

“I am a step closer to 70 years old1.”

She read and stared at it for a long time, finally she got what he meant, she is pretty touched by him, he really remembered by heart every word she told. Considered a bit, she replied,

“I am a step closer to 76 years old too.”

End Note:
1 70 years old & 76 years old – This being mentioned during the Shin Ae-ra visit on Ssangchu 100th day wedding photos. Shin Ae-ra encourages Hwangbo by telling her 6 years gap maybe huge on their 20s, but there’s no different when they reached their 70s. (A brief explanation for those of you cannot recall why this is mentioned)

Chapter 21

After a safe and sound sleep, she’s waking up, and stretching in bed. Take a look on the clock, it is 10:30 already, she really got a long sleep.

Her Omma1 and Abba2 were already woke up and had breakfast.

“Omma, why didn’t you wake me up?” HB asked while her mom is tidying up the house.

“You don’t have much to do today, the more rest you could get the better.” Omma said.

After her shower, she found her breakfast was warmed by Omma, and it’s all ready on the table for her.

“Woo, I’m so blessed and lucky, I don’t need to do anything and everything is getting ready for me.” HB said, but suddenly recalled what HJ’s definition of ‘The comfortable life’, she teased herself being assimilated so much into his way of thinking.

After she finished her breakfast and washed the dishes, it is almost noon time. While she’s thinking what she going to do in the afternoon, she got a call from Yunho.

“Hello, nuna.”

“Hello, Yunho, you called from Japan?”

“No, we are in Korean right now, just came back, and got a day off today.” Yunho said.

“Oic, I heard you guys were performing in Japan3 on New Year Eve, I thought……” HB said.

“Nuna, do you have any plan today?” Yunho asked.

“Me? Let me think, my plan for today is…….to treat you guys to dinner, if you have time.” HB still remembered that she owed them a dinner. She said she’s going to invite them after Christmas, but it’s either her schedule was packed, or they couldn’t make it, since she doesn’t need to work today, she could finally treat them for dinner.

“That’s great, this is what I want to say too.” Yunho laughs.

“What do you guys want to eat?” HB asked.

“Let us pick the restaurant.”
“Woah, that’s sound scary, are you guys going to make me pay big bucks? Nuna couldn’t afford something too expensive.” HB said.

“It’s not that much.” Yunho said.

“Alright, anyway, if I don’t have enough money to pay, I’m just going to leave TVXQ in the restaurant as pawn.” HB laughs after she said it.

“Ha ha ha.” Yunho bursts out laughing too.

“Let me know the address once you made the reservation.” HB said.

“No need, I am going to pick you up at 5:30, nuna, you are at home, right?”

“I’m at my parent’s house, you don’t need to pick me up, it’s a lot of troubles, I could drive to the restaurant myself.” HB said.

“It’s not trouble, I know the address, and it’s on your way.” Yunho replied.

“Ok then” Although she thought this is not necessary, since it’s on the way, she didn’t insist.

HB went to the spa in the afternoon, and went back to her apartment afterward. It was around 5:25pm by the time she got changed and done with her make-ups, and Yunho called her about the same time. He said he just arrived, and told her she could come down anytime.

HB left home, and found Yunho’s waiting in his car near the entrance of the building. She opened the door, said ‘Hi’ to Yunho, and sat on the passenger seat.
“Where are the others?” HB asked because she only found Yunho in the car.

“They went ahead once the reservation confirmed.” Yunho replied.

She looks at Yunho, he seems refresh and energetic, and his eyes seems sparkle.
“You should be very busy in the end of the year, there were a lot of Music awards you needed to attend in Japan and Korean.” HB said.

“Yep, it’s quite busy, seems like we don’t have any sleep these days except today.” Yunho said.

“This is the good thing being young, you still looks energetic even thought you guys don’t have enough sleep.” HB said, and remembered how she felt the same way when she was in their age, but she’s still envied.

“Nuna is young too.” Yunho said, turned briefly to take a look at her and driving at the same time.

“How far is the restaurant?” HB asked.

“Around 20 minutes drive, are you tired, Nuna?”

“How would I feel tired? I slept a lot yesterday.” HB replied.

While they were stopped at the traffic light, Yunho got his bag from the backseat, and took a nicely wrapped present out of his bag.
“Nuna, this is for you.” He brought the present in front of HB and said.

“Ai yah, you don’t need to give me a present. The best present for Nuna is to hear you guys are getting more popular and your albums are topping the chart.”

HB felt a bit burden receiving a present from her Dongsaeng. These Dongsaengs are very popular right now, but you will never know, especially in this industry. Now that they are popular and could earn good money, they should save diligently so that they would have enough to provide against a rainy day.

“Please take the gift, Nuna, I know you will say I shouldn’t spend freely, but this is not something I brought, this is something I made myself.” Yunho said and pushed the gift in her hands.

HB took off the wrapping paper and opened the box. It is a pair of pale yellow flower shaped crystal earrings4, and they are exquisite and unique.

“Woo, it’s so pretty, do you really made these?” She’s amazed. It is hard to imagine a masculine guy like Yunho could make these lovely accessories.

“Yep, I saw how to make these by chance, and want to give it a try. This is actually the first one I finished, and planned to give you on Christmas, but you went to Japan.”

“Sincha5 Komowa6, I like it very much. Wuli7 Yunho could even make these, whoever is married to you will be so lucky.” HB is very happy, and pats on his shoulder.

“Sincha?” Yunho asked and turned to look at her.

“Yes, Yes.” HB nodded heavily to emphasize.
“I hope so.” Yunho laughed.

Chatting with Yunho on the way, they arrived at the restaurant shortly. The restaurant is located outside of the Central area, and is not a huge place, but it gives a warm and clean atmosphere.

“This restaurant is like a private kitchen, they only served curtain numbers of people a day, and basically customers are mostly by referral. It’s quite quiet here, and no one will disturb us.” Yunho introduces as they are walking to their reserved private room.

“This is pretty good, you guys could even find private places like this.”

The other 4 members arrived already.
Seeing she walked in, they all greet to her.

“You guys are getting more and more handsome.” HB praises at them.
“Nuna is getting more and more beautiful too.” Yoochun says it immediately.

“Haha, I will sure accept this kind of praise.” She laughs.

They ordered the dishes ahead of time, once they settled down, the dishes are ready. Those dishes are remarkable and delicious, actually it gives a homey taste.

While they are enjoying the food, both Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin want to tell her interesting stories happened in Japan, Jaejoong will put in one or two sentences once in awhile, but those sentences always make them burst out laughing, Yunho doesn’t say much, but smile all the time. They haven’t got together like this for a long time, but they still feel the sincerity from each other.

“Nuna, do you know? There’s a time Yunho and I played Hanafuda8 together, and I won a big hand. Yunho didn’t want to lose his money, at last, he said he will knit me a scarf as pledge in a month time.” Yoochun said excitedly.

“Sincha? What’s the result?” HB finds it very interesting.

“In the end, he put in all his effort to knit, really finished the scarf in a month. But he didn’t want to give it to me, and wanted to use it first. Nuna, don’t you think he go too far?” Yoochun asked.

HB bursts into laughter, “A moment ago, I got his DIY earrings, and now he even knitted, Yunho is so smart.”

“DIY earrings?” Jaejoong asked.

“I just received the Christmas present from Yunho, it is a pair of DIY earrings, and he said this pair is his first finished item, it is very pretty.”

“Nuna, Yunho made those earrings especially……”

Yoochun couldn’t finish his sentence because Yunho interrupted.
“Especially practiced, trying to see if I really learnt how to make them.”
Yoochun and Jaejoong strangely take a look at Yunho.

HB’s looking at them, something wrong with these guys? Her attention is soon diverted by Junsu’s joke, and forgot the doubt she had a moment ago.

“O, I want to congratulate nuna on winning the award.” Changmin suddenly said.
HB dazed.

“The MBC Entertainment Best Couple Award, we were in Japan at that time, and we watched the re-run. “
“O, thank you, I didn’t think I would get this either.” HB said, it’s really a big surprise for her.

“I think nuna deserved it, nuna and Hyun Joong Hyung did very well in WGM.”

HB smiled and looked down. She still remembered that night, knowing that he was not feeling well. At the time they finished the performance with their last post, she could feel that he had to lean on her to find the balance. But he gritted and carried on through the end, and he’s even trying hard talking to her to ease her worry.

HB looked back up, and just caught Yunho’s gaze.
“nuna, you still keep in touch with Hyun Joong, right?”

“He’s busy, just sent message sometimes, why?”
She didn’t want anyone to know that there is still a subtle relationship between him and her, and she didn’t want others to misunderstand.

“Nothing.” Yunho smiled at her.

End Note:

1 Omma – Korean word means Mom in English.
2 Abba – Korean word means Dad in English
3 Kōhaku Uta Gassen - more commonly known as simply Kōhaku, is an annual music show on New Year's Eve produced by Japanese public broadcaster NHK. This is a famous show in Japan, and limited international stars had been invited to perform. TVXQ attended the Music Festival on New Year's Eve in 2008, making them the first Korean group to attend. (Information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

4 Pale yellow flower shaped earrings – In my imagination, they should look like these:

5 Sincha – Korean word means really in English.
6 Komawo – Korean word means thank you in English.
7 Wuli – Korean word means our in English.
8 Hanafuda (花札?) are playing cards of Japanese origin (karuta cards), used to play a number of games. The name literally translates as 'flower cards'. (Information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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