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Promise (Chapter 22 & 23)

Chapter 22

It is fun having dinner with the boys and time seems to fly faster than it used to be. After dinner, it is still early, so they continue their get together in the club, and they call to invite more people to join them.

“Let me ask Choong Jae.” HB said taking out her phone.

“That’s great, I haven’t met Jinnie Hyung for a long time, really want to chat with him.” Jaejoong said.

HB called JunJin, and he picked up, “Hello”

“Hello, I just had dinner with Yunho, and planning to go to the club, you should come too, they all miss you.”

“Ok, I will be there once I finished the schedule here, actually I am looking for you too.” Junjin said.

“Looking for me? What’s the matter?” HB asked.

“We could talk about it when we met, see you there.” JunJin said.

“Ok, see you then.”

Yoochun also invited several girls from SM Entertainment.

In the club, HB watched them singing and dancing, enjoying themselves heartily, but she didn’t feel like to join in their dance, so she sat down on the sofa, and Yunho stayed with her all the time. She felt a bit sorry, and said to Yunho,

“Yunho, you could go and join them, you don’t have to stay with me.”

“Ah, it’s not that, I want to sit for awhile too, it’s not that often to be relaxed like this.” Yunho said.

She nodded, it’s true that they got a lot of pressure in their work. If he found it relaxing this way so be it.

“Nuna, what’s your plan in 2009?” Yunho asked.

“Me……I will try to work earnestly on the programs I committed to, wish to have a new album out, and to do more for the ones in needs. If I have time, studying aboard for a short term should be interesting too.” She thought and said it one by one.

“How about Yunho?”

“In 2009, I wish we could successfully adapt to our new image, release a new album, and could be able to touring all around Asia.” Yunho said.

While chatting with Yunho, JunJin arrived.
JunJin managed to say ‘Hi’ to her, and then the other boys dragged him away.

For a long while later, JunJin finally sat down beside her.

“Boy, they really enjoying themselves heartily” JunJin said.

“Yep, watching them like this, starting to feel that we are getting old.” She sighed and said.

JunJin jeeringly take a look at her, and said, “Don’t count me in, I’m still young!”

“Yunho, why didn’t you join them?” JunJin asked Yunho.

“I want to relax a bit, it’s more comfortable here.” Yunho said. “Hyung, Congratulation on getting the award.”

JunJin got a weighty and influential award at the MBC Entertainment Award, The Best Star Award.

“Komawo” JunJin said.

“Choong Jae-ar, you still cry easily, just received an award and you were crying like a baby.” HB teased him.

“Hey, are you trying to backtalk me now, who is the one got all nervous getting up on stage, and who is the one didn’t even know what to do or where to stand on stage to receive the award?” JunJin gave tit for tat with HB.

“I will drop you home later.” JunJin talked to HB awhile later.

“Hyung, I didn’t drink, I could drop nuna home.” Yunho said to JunJin.

“I can’t stay long tonight, I got an early morning schedule tomorrow. I’m mainly looking for HwangBo today, and get together with you guys as well.” JunJin explained.

“O, sincha?” Yunho sounded slightly disappointed.

“See, your eyes are all red, and you used to get insomnia. Shouldn’t you get more rest, what’s the thing that you have to talk to me that urgent?” HB looked at JunJin’s tired look.

“It’s something important.” JunJin said.

“Alright then, let’s get going, so that you could get over it and go home early.” She said while standing up.


After HB and JunJin saying bye to the boys, they walked out of the club and got in JunJin’s car.

“Where are you staying tonight?”

“I’m going back to my apartment.” HB takes a look on the time, her parent should rest already, she doesn’t want to disturb them.

JunJin silently driving, she can’t hold any longer and asks, “What’s the matter?”
JunJin takes a look at her, it is rare that he got this serious.

“I heard from Andy before, but I don’t believe at first……”

“What? ......”

“I saw the way you treated Kim Hyun Joong on the Award night, you treated him differently, didn’t you?”

HB was shocked, she never told anyone about their strange condition, that’s included JunJin. It is not that she wanted to hide this, just that she didn’t know how and where to start.

She didn’t say anything, considered this as her tacit consent.

“As an Idol, there are too many things that he did not have control on, and people around him will get implicated.” JunJin said.

Sincha, being an Idol for 10 years, he knew the best the bitterness the idol had.

“Even if you want to choose someone in the industry, I really hope that he is not an idol, you will suffer.” JunJin spoke directly to the point.

HB can’t help but to turn and hug JunJin. She’s so thankful to have friends like him, really worried about her, even giving up his precious sleeping time. This really touched her.

“Yey, YOU! I am seriously talking to you!!” JunJin shouted at her.

“Komawo,” HB said, “In truth, I am not denying I actually fell for him, he is an Idol, he is even 6 years younger than me. I never planned to have any development with him at all.” She thought a bit and said.

“That’s why at the end of WGM I clearly told him that I would only be his Sunbae from then on.” She said slowly, and JunJin silently listening.

“He asked me to give him some more time, asked me to wait until the end of BOF’s filming, he would try to withdraw his feeling, and I agreed.” She laughed after she said this.

“He seems he never thought of withdrawing his feeling, although he is really busy filming the drama and can’t even get a bit of spear time, but he’s still trying all he can, I feel like I’m being trapped, shouldn’t carry on but couldn’t let go.” HB’s trying to tell JunJin what she thought.

“Choong Jae-ar, What should I do?” She asked. She finally gets a chance to say the things that bothered her for so long, the stress built so high in her heart finally get released, she feels relieve.

JunJin stopped his car by the sidewalk, turned to look at her, and made a long sigh.

“Ai …… Fool.”

“That’s right, I am in this age but still being this silly.” HB smile bitterly.

“What are you going to do?” JunJin asked.

“It will be great if I knew what to do, all I could do is to take a step at a time and see what’s next.” She continues to smile bitterly.

“Ok, let’s take a step at a time then.”

HB takes a look at JunJin, “What do you mean?”

“Since you can’t control over it, then let nature take its course.” JunJin said.

“Since when did you become this open-minded?” HB asked

“Otherwise, you said what are you going to do? If you got a better answer, you will not look like this.” Junjin replied.

“Yep.” HB said.

JunJin started his car again, said, “I’ll certainly need to find a chance to meet this guy.”

‘He will definitely be conservative and polite in front of JunJin’, she thought.

They arrived at her apartment, she stepped out of the car, “Komawo”

“Hey, why are you so emotive and sensitive today, I’m not used to it, don’t think too much, sleep early.” JunJin waved and left.

HB watched his car drove away, although there is no solution, but she felt much better talking to JunJin about her doubts.

Chapter 23

On the premiere day of BOF1, HJ is nervous the whole day, he’s walking around with no reason, and he doesn’t even know if he should stand or sit. He remembered he got this anxiety before, it felt exactly like the time when he’s waiting for his turn to carry out his first performance in his debut.

Adaptation from the proven hit and best-selling manga, Boys Over Flowers is the third television drama adaptation after the success of Taiwanese and Japanese versions. The drama received a lot of attentions even before it was broadcasted. Although this helped a lot in promotions, but for him being the first time actor, this actually added a lot of pressure on him.

He put in all his efforts, of course he would be very delighted if he could get the compliment from the audience, but at least he didn’t want to be the one to get in the way.

The night before, he dreamed that the viewing rate of the premiere will be 25%, hope this will come true.

Wanting to send her a message, he can’t bear it any longer,

“Will you watch today?”

“Do you want me to watch or not?” She replied.

That’s true, it’s so contradicting, this is his first drama, he wants to share with her, and to let her see his efforts; but it feels really strange imagining her watching him acting in a different character.

He considers a while, and replied,

“Perhaps it is a little weird, but I still hope you could watch it.”

“I will watch it.” She replied.

At night, all the casts and the crews are gathered to watch the premiere together. At the time the opening song starts, he becomes so nervous that his hands sweat, and he even makes a fist when he saw himself on the screen.

Kim Bum is sitting next to him, he whispers to HJ, “Everyone will be nervous watching his first drama, even the well-known famous actors feel the same on their first drama, there’s no exception.”

This colleague, don’t just think that he is the youngest, he is actually much more mature compare to his age, his observation and sensibility are really strong.

Finish watching the premiere, he thought his performance is barely satisfactory. He turned on his computer to read the message board, there are a lot of sharp criticisms, he dumbly reading them. Although he mentally prepared for this kind of criticisms, but it is still very difficult to be calm and not being affected emotionally, he felt a bit down.

He chooses to read those pertinent comments, and studies carefully their suggestions, trying to find the approach that will help him to improve.

Encouraging and congratulatory messages started to pour in, from omma and abba, InYoung and his childhood friends to Double S members, even JaeJoong, Yunho too are sending him message, and he replied them one by one.

But the massage he wished to get the most from this special person still hasn’t received yet.

He waited for so long that he thought he will not get any feedback from her. At the time he is giving up waiting, her message came, not only one but several,

“This drama will surely be a big hit, although Hyun Joong’s acting skill is still green, but his expression in his eyes is fitting well, make sure to strengthen the understanding of the script. ---This is from Shin Ae-ra nim.”

“As a beginner in acting, being able to find the feeling that quickly, he got great potential. ---This is from Eric.”

“Couldn’t find a bit of the Kim Hyun Joong that I’m familiar with, I look forward to the following splendid performances Yoon Ji Hoo will bring us, fighting. ---This is from me.”

HJ read the messages numerous times, she’s always like this, always gives much more than he could expect, her special way of encouragement cheered him up from the dejection he got reading those criticisms, his heart fluttered with emotions, he couldn’t calm himself down that night.

The viewing rate released the next day, the highest rating already reached 25%, and the average rating is around 14%. This is quite well for the first episode, the crews are all jump for joy, and work even harder.

After the premiere, filming and broadcasting slowly synchronized, that means the filming schedules became more hectic for everyone, but on the other hand, it is delighted that the viewing rate is rising successively.

HJ didn’t expect BOF could become the big hit this quickly across Korean, interviews and commercial invitations flood in like unstoppable waves. But he could not even feel a bit of this unexpected arise popularity, because he was thrown into his fully packed schedules right away.

As long as his body could tolerate, he never refuse work invitations. He always keeps in mind what she said in WGM, that the popularity is the most illusory thing in the world. She said that you would never know when will it come, and you would never know when it will leave, and of course no one could catch it in their hands. That’s why when the popularity came, just treat like your luck came, and you should work even harder and give your all not to let down the heaven-sent good fortune.

Also, “The event of my life! Events, come to me!” is their Gahun2 too, he needs to follow diligently.

He’s been spinning around these days fulfilling all the schedules. The word, time concept, does not seems to be in his vocabulary anymore, he couldn’t even figure out any longer if this is in the morning or at night, all he knows is that he could fall sleep whenever and wherever.

This afternoon, his previous schedule got delay a little, therefore he has to rush back to the filming location. MH is driving him back, so he can catch some sleep in the car. When he is almost fall asleep and starting to fade out, all of a sudden, he hears “Gee……” a very sharp braking noise, and then all he can feel is that he was thrown to the front seat, along with sharp pain coming from his waist, and he lost his consciousness next3.

End Note:

1 BOF premiere – the premiere date is on January 5th, 2009.
2 Gahun – Korean word means family motto in English.
3 On January 21st, 2009, Kim Hyun Joong involved in a car accident on his way back to BOF filming location.

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