Sunday, January 24, 2010

U.S fans want Jaebum back

Korean-American fans of 2PM have run an ad on a local Korean newspaper, urging the former group leader Park Jae-beom to come back to the team. The fan club Missy USA Hottest is mainly comprised of married Korean-Americans. The club ran an ad on a Korean-American newspaper published in Los Angeles. The ad shows the fans’ request to have Jae-beom back with 2PM and their unwavering wish to see him again.

The fans also said that Korean mothers are willing to send their children to Korea not to make money, but because Korea is their motherland. They asked to revive the trampled dream and future of Jae-beom and said that’s how to boost many young Korean-Americans’ love for their motherland.

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* Still about the most wanted leader Jaebum. Wah!! fans are dying waiting for him... he should just pack his thing and start report to JYPE. He might have his pride and believe to hold onto but fans and everyone been giving a good signs since his departure... so just come back and give a remedy to everyone.

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