Friday, January 15, 2010

Lee Jun Ki & Van Ness Wu

Lee Jun Ki

Van Ness Wu

It's funny that everytime I look at Van Ness pic I keep thinking about Lee Jun Ki and I can't just ignore the fact that they look alike... The only different about both them are the frequent smile they show infront of the camera... maybe it just me coz it's hard to find Van Ness with his pure smile I mean the one that can attract you just like he do in Autumn's Concerto but it was too easy to find Lee Jun Ki with his sweet smile.

What do you think? they do look alike right?

What Do You Think?:


  1. OMG! i thought i'm the only one who noticed that!
    yes, i do think that they're indeed look alike. um, when i first saw jun ki in my girl, i was like, what? isn't that vanness wu? LOL!

  2. Yes!! they were look a like!! I agree to that..