Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Public fears for overworked Xiao Xiao Bin

The quickest rising child star sparked controversy with the amount of work he has been doing recently. Local news reported that Xiao Xiao Bin made 7 public appearances in various events over the past two weeks. The latest took place a few days ago, when the 5 year-old was a guest at a diabetes awareness event. He was seen yawning on stage and told the press himself that he felt tired.

His dad Xiao Bin Bin has been heavily criticized by the public for overworking his son, even calling him "Devilish-Money-Loving-Daddy". Xiao Bin Bin was distraught over the accusation and said he has considered stopping Xiao Xiao Bin from acting at one point. He asked the public to refrain from putting his family under the microscope. Xiao Bin Bin said his son enjoys acting and is more mature than children of his own age. Although he hasn’t enrolled Xiao Xiao Bin in school yet despite he is already at school age, he plans to hire private tutors to teach him English and dance.

The public seems to think the contrary as some even complained to the Taipei municipality that the child has been overworked. They were also outraged when Xiao Bin Bin and his son made an appearance on a variety show in which the youngster was asked to pick a new mom. Many thought it was inappropriate for Xiao Xiao Bin to be put on the spot or even to be on the show in the first place. Professionals of children psychology also voiced their concerns of the child star. In addition to academic knowledge, they stressed the reason for a child to be in school is so that they can learn to socialize with people of their own age. In response, Xiao Bin Bin said he has canceled all variety show appearances to lighten his son's workload. Xiao Xiao Bin's work schedule now mainly consists of promoting Down with Love and filming P.S. Man two days a week, all event appearances will be in the afternoon or later.

Source: ChinaTimes

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