Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vanness Wu vs. Jerry Yan

Taiwanese idol drama series Down With Love which stars two mega idols, Jerry Yan from F4 and Ella Chen from S.H.E will be making its debut on television screens this weekend. To instill some hype amongst viewers, the production team aired a special episode which consisted of trailers and exclusive interviews with the cast last Sunday.

The ratings for the special trailer episode raked in a meager 0.59% as compared to Jerry’s fellow F4 band member Van Ness Wu’s ongoing drama series, Next Stop Happiness, which pulled in a healthy number of 7.15% in ratings.

The four members of F4 have been separately participating in various drama productions lately with Vic Zhou starring in Black & White and The Late Night of Madam Chin, Ken Zhu in the recently-concluded Momo Love, Van Ness Wu in the ongoing Next Stop Happiness and Jerry Yan’s soon-to-debut Down With Love.

Due to its similar time slot, the drama series starring both Vanness and Jerry are expected to compete head-on with each other. Next Stop Happiness is currently the leader of the pack with its strong ratings of 7.15%.

The television station broadcasting Down With Love defended themselves and explained that the special episode cannot be considered as the show’s debut episode. They remain confident that their drama series will perform well when it airs this coming Sunday.

Source: MediaCorp TV 

* Wargh!!! ex-F4 is now competing each other... that sound great. Since I'm still watching Autumn's Concerto and been following the latest news about Down With Love... I can see that both will make a hit.

It was hard to choose between an actors... but it was easy to decide which drama will be the best. I guess I won't be bias about this. I am for sure watching both of them. The reason that attract me to watch Down With Love is Ella. Sorry I'm not Jerry's fan hehehe but Ella has always been in my favourite list.

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