Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kim HyunJoong declines acting in movie ‘You Are Pet’

Group SS501’s member Kim HyunJoong will not go into movie industry.

Kim HyunJoong has made a decision not to act in movie ‘You Are Pet’ recently. After he received the proposal to act for ‘You Are Pet’ last year, it looks favorable that he will be acting in it, but in the end he expressed his decline to the film creator.

‘You Are Pet’ has gained a lot of attention when Kim HyunJoong was casted to act in it. Kim HyunJoong’s representative said “Kim HyunJoong has gained a lot of attention on his acting after appearing in KBS 2TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. We considered ‘You Are Pet’ and finally expressed to decline acting in it.”

After SuAe, who is the strong candidate for the female lead for ‘You Are Pet’, Kim HyunJoong has declined acting for it, they are currently contacting other actors/actresses. The film creator’s representative said “The production for ‘You Are Pet’ is going on smoothly. We are currently searching for male and female leads.”

‘You Are Pet’ is originally a Japanese comic of the same name. It talks about a fashion magazine editor and a pretty boy who cohabit and the stories during their cohabitant.

Credits : news.hankooki.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

* know what I'm thinking now? I'm not sure if I am supposed to feel this way but I'm actually happy for his decision... he should do something that suit him perfectly well I mean something that less burden for him... everyone know he hates musshy things so with this he really prove it.

Okay to be truth I think he can't do musshy things without his Buin... hate me for this but what I think is not to satisfied other even KHJ can't say what I think is wrong coz I don't push him to think the way I think and no one can change what you think...

whatever... I'm happy... Drinking Red Wine


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