Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hottest’s Plan For Large-Scale Protests

2PM’s fanclub, Hottests, are planning to do another protest, but this time, every fan in Korea is apparently attending.

On the 2PM fancafe, it stated, “On the 31st of January, starting from 1PM, we will have a nationwide protest for Park Jaebeom’s withdrawal status. The location will be Jong-ro 2-Ga, Seoul. I know you guys are busy, but please come and support.”

Fans are in discomfort because the direction in which this incident seems to be headed, is that Jaebeom will not return. In their opinions, the situation is totally opposite from when JYP gave them hope on Jaebeom’s return through national television. In addition, the recent news of Sunmi’s withdrawal from the Wonder Girls has made Hottests even more anxious.

Will these protests do anything? What if it was Jaebeom’s sole decision to withdraw and not JYPE’s fault? How will fans justify their behavior then?
Credit Source: Allkpop
* Aren't the Hottest cool? sometimes I'm moved by their efforts on protecting their idols. Will Jaebeom feel the same? he should feel something by now. come up front and let everyone what is in his mind. Just hope things going smooth for the Hottest... well I guess I'm supporting them no matter what is the reason for. Hottest were so cool that I can't ignore what they're doing...
To Hottest.... FIGHTING!!!

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