Friday, January 15, 2010

Da S stripping slowly for "Hot Summer Days"

Barbie Xu (Da S) portrays a kind-hearted motorcycle girl in her latest film "Hot Summer Days" and has a very eye-catching new look. This look is completely different from anything else she has ever acted as before, complete with tattoos, smoky eye makeup, short skirt and a sexy top. "I had to cut my hair short to match the look for the movie, and it was a hard decision. I've never had my hair this short before!"

Director Chan Kwok Fai further revealed that on the day Da S was to reveal her explosive look, she hid in the washroom for 20 minutes and refused to come out. Why? She explained that she had never been dressed so revealingly outside of her own home, and having to face the camera while stripping off her clothes piece by piece, leaving only her bra, she was extremely nervous and stressed out. However, the introvert Da S broke through the psychological barrier and managed to film other scenes, including revealing an exposed back, showing her professionalism.

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* can't wait to see her again... I've always thought how does she look if her hair cut off? ... well it's about time she change her hair style. & I'm eager to see what she's offering in this new movie.

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