Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ady An heartbroken over exhausted Xiao Xiao Bin

Xiao Xiao Bin's schedule has been packed lately. Yesterday he accidentally yawned in front of the camera, showing sign of his tiredness. Many are wondering if this child star is being overworked. In Autumn's Concerto, Ady An plays Xiao Xiao Bin's mother. When she found out about this, she also felt the pain. She said, "How can a father not love his children. Please don't give them too much pressure."

In fact, Xiao Xiao Bin's stardom happened because of Any's behind the scene helping hands. The child star was actually going to be someone else, but Ady felt that this is a very important role and needed to be handled by a very flexible child. She realized that Xiao Xiao Bin's performance in Down With Love was excellent and claimed Xiao Xiao Bin to act as her son in Autumn's Concerto. Unexpectedly, that was Xiao Xiao Bin's road to stardom. Ady explained, "Ah, if I knew this would happen earlier, I wouldn't have signed him.

In last week's episode, Ady had to help Xiao Xiao Bin shower and put on clothes. The sharp-eyed netizens noticed that Xiao Xiao Bin's underwear was inside out. To this, Ady revealed a secret, "Xiao Xiao Bin was not willing to let me see him naked. He kept crying so I pulled him aside and said 'if you don't do this, Mu Cheng will be very embarassed'. Then I promised that I won't peep at him changing clothes so that's why he put on the underwear himself!"

Ady tans very easily and due to the many outside filming for the drama, she became very tan. When compared to the "white" Vanness Wu, there seems to be a very big color difference. She said, "When I touch Vanness' face with my hands, I'm also shocked at whose hand it is. I even asked the director if we can exchange for a whiter hand."

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* I just watch BTS of Autumn Concerto episode 17. While watching that... there is many time I come up with a question... what will happened to this kid? I mean... he is too young to handle pressures. But I can see how people around him being concern about him, his father, friends, the crew... just hope they didn't overwork him. He might not understand now but psychologically that might be a burden.

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