Friday, January 22, 2010

Jaebeom is returning?

Many rumors regarding ex-2PM leader Jaebeom have surfaced in the past day, and Newsen has a few more for us!

Today, it was reported that Jaebeom completed a filming session for a music video in the United States. Many predict that this footage is preparation for Jaebeom’s comeback to Korea. One entertainment related source stated:

The music video features Jaebeom as the main character. It looks like they are going to release the music video soon and officially state Jaebeom’s return.

Although many believe that Jaebeom will definitely return, others think that Jaebeom may return to Korea to restart his career as a solo artist instead. Along with the solo artist rumor and Jaebeom starring in a Hollywood movie Hype Nation speculation, word’s gotten around that Jaebeom might be a permanent member of MBC’s Come To Play.

After denying the press conference, JYP Entertainment again stated that nothing has been decided yet. These are just rumors so readers should have reservations about everything that’s being released right now. But who knows? Anything is possible.

Credit Source: All Kpop & Newsen

* Why did I think... all this statement sound like welcoming Jaebum home.

No matter what people says I still think he will be back and lead again. They might want to gather everyone attentions before making the real statement... hmm who knows... it might be wrong but it might be right too...

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