Monday, January 25, 2010

G-Dragon speaks up about concert scandal!

G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang, has always been a prominent artist and even got his first work on an album at the early age of 13. In 2008, he was recognized as one of the top 8 composers of the year and in 2009 he had the highest selling album. Although recognized as a fashionista and an amazing musician, much controversy has surrounded his music and recent solo concert.

Even though there have been many unpleasant words directed at G-Dragon recently, not many people can understand what he’s been through. He’s a bit different than most artists due to his upbringing. And frankly, his unconventional methods and bizarre style are the things that make him stand out. In a recent interview, G-Dragon reveals a bit about his past and the path he’s taken to arrive where he is today.

People close to G-Dragon say that’s he’s a very “precise and trustworthy” man; during the production of his solo album, he would check on every single detail and even goes up to the third floor to check out the concert stage.

However, his first solo concert received very negative attention due to the sexual display he put on during his song Breathe.

This was a big deal for G-Dragon because he had been dreaming about this concert since he was a 13-year-old. He was worried about how each audience member would view his stage. It was nerve-wracking to be on-stage with the members of Big Bang, but this stage meant so much more since he was performing as a solo artist and not an idol member. He felt frustrated because he worked so hard for this concert and then got criticized over it.

G-Dragon stated,

I’m a popular artist for the public. I believe in how the public judges me. It’s my fault if the public felt what I intended was too much or too inappropriate. But it wasn’t a concert that was aired to the public so I wanted to show a more fierce and memorable side. I’m so sad that things weren’t accepted the way I intended them to be accepted.

I really ran straight forward to get to this solo concert since I was a young kid. I might be saying this because I’m still young but after the concert I thought to myself, “I don’t want anything else.” But then the next day, I only saw criticism on the internet so my heart felt like it was breaking.

A fake laugh came out instead of tears as I asked myself, “Wherever I go, will I be criticized?” All I wanted was to show the audience various sides of me. I showed many images of myself during my performances, including a cheerful look and a cool look; why was only this part highlighted and made into an incident? The press articles of the media used such strong words in the headlines, and when I realized that my parents would see the articles, I felt embarrassed and disappointed.

I didn’t think too much. But I wish people wouldn’t judge so quickly and pessimistically. The song Breathe is about not wanting to wake up because your ideal type keeps appearing in your dream. The song has a fantasy theme so I wanted to use the bed to show someone who’s lost in his dreams. To the public, it came off as something too sexual. I thought to myself, “I’m not like that but I guess it seemed that way to people.”

Whether people give positive or negative comments, they are taking interest in me. If someone tells me I did something wrong, I take it as a comment to help me fix my ways. I’ll listen to what everyone’s saying and use it to help improve the next album. I’ll do my best with the Big Bang album coming out later this year.

Source: & Allkpop

* Poor GD... he is talented enough but I still think to be creative is not enough, you have to be smart too. Creativeness which come with more problem... I think that wasn't a smart one.

By now he should have learn something... the cruelty in life. People wasn't going to be easy with everything... to be famous doesn't mean people won't say bad things, to be popular doesn't mean people will accept everything... that's the price to be in the industry. To be truth... it's not the netizen who create all the chaos... netizens only come up with that after someone spitting it out. Only writers who have something to gain from it will create something like this...

Just hope GD won't hide away after the incident... stay strong, be more creative and don't be afraid with all the bad words. Hope he keep coming up with more creativeness.

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  1. poor Gd i fell sorry for what him and big bang go thru with thez scandals it's wrong ! scandals aren't entertaining their wrong why do people do this to stars it makes me so mad that that ERRRRRRR!
    you mother FU###ers just stop it's wrong !

  2. poor thing your vip's still love you Gd dont let this change your image !!!!

  3. je suis vraiment triste pour lui le pauvre il a pas fait expert ... je l'aime trop G dragon et je te dis courage oppa ^^ tu as plein de fan's dans le monde et pour ça faut que tu sois le plus fort ... plein de bonheur dans ta vie <3