Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ga-In bribes Jokwon with affection

Over the last couple of months, Ga-In and Jo Kwon have gained immense popularity as a couple on ‘We Got Married.’ In fact, Sandara Park better watch out because they have also garnered the interest of many through their new me2day account!

On the morning of the 20th, Ga-In left a supportive message for hubby Jo Kwon that read,

“I think your [2AM's] new song will be the next hit! Honey Jo Kwon, if the album does well and if 2AM takes 1st place, I’ll hug you for five seconds. So hurry up and make the song a hit!”

Later, she added,

“Jo Kwon~ah, if you get the Triple Crown, I’ll give you a back hug.”

And after having read her posts, Jo Kwon replied,

“Thank you wife for those supportive words.”

In response to the words exchanged between the two, fans showed their support for the ‘lovebirds’ by commenting,

“Make sure you give him a back hug!” and “Make it to the top and then run to Ga-In nuna!”

Credit Source: Allkpop

* they acted more like real couple nowaday... cute

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