Friday, June 18, 2010

Jay Writes an Official Message Before Departure


"I understand that this might not be the answer to what some of you are looking for but to touch the subject again will mean hurting people that I do care about, be it fans, friends, ex colleagues, loved ones and I just don't think its fair to activate another roller coaster ride just when everyone is starting their healing process and moving on. As long as I am in the clear with God, my family and my fans, it is sufficient for me."-Jay Park-

* It was clear enough... do we have to ask for another statement? I don't need for another statement, I have it enough with all the drama between JYP, 2PM and Jay. I'm tired of being anger and that just not my style. I think I'm still disappointed with 2PM and thats it. I don't need them to come up again and telling more lies or facts... coz I know I will never be satisfied. 

All I want to do is. 

To Believe What I want To Believe. And Be Happy With What I Believe.

And I believe in Jay ^^

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