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Fav. Quote: Episode 3 Cinderella's Sister

Episode 3: Cinderella Sister

I have already packed up more than 100 times inside my heart.
First of all, my luggage…
I don’t need a big one.

I opened my luggage,

My underwear, I should bring 2 sets. 
2 pair of socks.

A summer outfit, and one for winter.

A book that I can read when I’m bored.
That’s it.
Aaah, I nearly forgot.

My total safe keeping… 227,000 won.
Ok that’s it.
Let’s Go!
Go somewhere without my mother and Hyo Seon the wretch.
-Goo Eun Jo-

Does she have some pain sensitivity problems?
No matter how stupid she is…
She can’t possibility not understand right?
It easier to understand it as a pain sensitivity problem right?
-Hong Ki Hoon-

Do you have all these?
A house just like a palace,
With a warehouse this huge,
Aunties, uncles, relatives… etc
Do you have all that?
If not, do whatever you want.
You really want to see that woman.
She will come to you even if I try hard to stop her.
What you have is only a dilapidated house with a shaky roof.
A useless body, an abusive habit, drunkard, debts…
Your body & mind totally wasted.

Your prides hurt’s because a kid like me ridiculed you?
Did you have pride to start with?!
-Goo Eun Jo-

I thought of just letting him leave like that.
Waste his life away.
He dragged me out here while I was trying preventing him for driving,
He just dropped down there like that.

Can you help me killed that person?
-Goo Eun Jo-

I told you not to worry…
(His simple words give me deep feelings… so it’s my fav. One)
-Hong Ki Hoon-

I hate you.
You hate me too right?
It’s impossible for you to like me.
You have no reason to.
How can you say that you like me?

It’s more natural for you to hate me.
In fact you hate me, but you have to like me
You will feel tired by doing that.
So, it’s alright for you to hate me.
Just allow me to pretend not to know.

Just stay right here and think about it.
Listen to your conscience and think it through.
-Goo Eun Jo-

Listen to me carefully…
Noona you…
Are my woman! I Love You!
-Han Jung Woo-

He’s back.

He smiled.
He called, “Eun Jo yah”.

He called, “Eun Jo yah”.
He called, “Eun Jo yah”.

He called, “Eun Jo yah”.

He called, “Eun Jo yah”.

He called, “Eun Jo yah”.
-Goo Eun Jo-

I know why you did that.
You’re annoyed right?
I know it, unni.
No matter how much I think about it…
I still don’t get the point about me lying to myself.
I really like you Unni.
But you don’t like me right.
I know, I know.
You can continue to hating me.
I will continue to like you.
Even if you hate me, I won’t force you to like me.
So don’t force me to hate you.
I’d do anything to make you happy Unni.
Except by making me hate you.
I know you hate me for being so annoying.
I got it.
I’m sorry.
-Goo Hyo Seon-

Get lost.
-Goo Hyo Seon-

Extra screen cap (^.^)

What I like about this episode is how the character developed into another level.

Eun Jo shows her hidden inner self. The one with warm heart, the one with a deeper thought… the one that longing for love.
( These scenes shows her battle with her own emotion... her words, her actions and her thought wasn't always sync... from that moment we will realize that Eun Jo will speak out only the opposites from what she really meant.)

Hyo Seon who has shown her charming character finally revealed her dark side.
The one that hold grudge, the one that full with jealousy… the one who only want to have everything but not give. 
(There is a certain times when Hyo Seon shows her want to have everything attitude. It's only depends on how you view it.)

Hong Ki Hoon who thought he is in control of himself now realize, no matter how hard he tried to avoid and run from his family. They keep coming back at him, throwing him away but not totally letting him go… he shows us the love his longing for and hate he keep holding on.

End of episode 3.

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