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Fanfic - Vacation (HJ & HB) Part 7

Extra Story # 4: Vacation 
Date: May 15, 2009 21:57
Part 7

It’s about time to wake him up.
Nudging his arm, “Hyun Joong ar……, Hyun Joong ar……, wake up, Pali…..”

He barely open his sleepy eyes, “Hmm……”.
Turn to the other side and continue to sleep.

She knows by now that waking him up will be a difficult task, almost like a mission impossible.
“PALI, GET UP” She uses all her strength to push him, suddenly her hand slips, she lost her balance and fell on top of him.

He trembles, merely takes a look, but at the same time, he circles his arms around her, hugs her in his embrace and turns her over.
All she knows is she fell and spin, just in a flash of a sec, before she realizes it, she was lying on the bed facing up, oh, the correct description is her being firmly clamped by his arms, one arm tucks behind her neck and the other arm tags across her chest, even her legs are tangled with his, his head buried at her neck and all she could feel was his hot breath.

She tried all her might to get up but was unable to move at all, she became exhausted after struggling a few times without any success to move him at all.
“Hyun Joong, let me get up.” She hit his arm while feeling out of breath.
He mumbles a bit, his husky voice fills with sleepiness, “Just sleep a bit more……”
“Then you sleep well on your own, Let go of me first.”

The bed is very small, he is half naked, this scene and this posture are just too ambiguous, what would people think if they saw them.
“Together…., together…” His voice seems to come from far away as he mumbles.
“What together ar, LET GO OF ME, YAH……”
She screamed at the top of her voice and he shifted a bit, but still not letting go.

It seems like she have to use her secret weapon, she struggles to free one of her arms so that it is not restrained to movement, shifts to where his waist is, counting down silently “1, 2, 3”, and starts to tickle him.
He is surprised, instantly opened his eyes, and starts to twist his body trying to escape from her trickles, she got her other arm free and start to tickle him on the other side of his waist too.
He has nowhere to go, so he grabs both her ferocious hands, and secures them on both sides of the pillow while pressing her body closely under his.

She thought she was able to break the confinement, but they are now cuddled even more closer to each other’s body, and……
For a moment, she was stunned and was looking deeply into his eyes.

There was only her in his eyes, only her, the color of his eyes slowly deepen, emitting heat of passion, he lower his head to get closer to her deliciously looking red lips, starting from butterfly kisses and intimately deepen the kisses, sucking both her lips and seducing her to sigh in passion, as her lips parted he eagerly slipped his tongues in, played with her sealed teeth and slip in further, entwining his burning tongue with hers.
She feels her whole body burning as though it is on fire, and even starts to tremble on its own, she feels weak as if she is a pool of water, not able to think at all, all she can do is to embrace her arms around his neck safeguarding herself from drifting away. His lips traces down from her lips to her ear, nibbling and sucking it softly, giving her a new sensation of pleasure. His kisses extend all the way to her neck, his naughty hands are also probing under her clothes, touching her body passionately, causing her to gasp and moan more.

As he kisses her collar bone, his hands are trying to unbutton her clothes. Just at this moment, she finally found a little bit of her senses back and pushes him lightly, “Hyun Joong, don’t……”, she murmured in such a light soft voice that she herself does not find it convincing at all.
But he freezes his actions almost immediately and buried his head at the crook of her neck, breathing heavily. His weight on top of her is making her feeling a bit uncomfortable and so she shifted her body a little.

“Don’t move……” he said it in a hoarse voice through his grinding teeth, and so she dare not move anymore.

After a long time, his breathing starts to get calmer, he finally gets up and out of his bed, picks up his clothes and enters the bathroom.
Hearing the sound of shower in the bathroom, she sits up, tidies up her clothes and gets up to draw the curtain, letting the morning light of the sun fills the room.

As she looks at the messy bed sheet on his bed, she felt her cheeks flushed in red as she recalled what just happened……

He respects her a lot, unless she agreed, he will not rush her no matter how hard he had to suppress his desire, and she is very pleased with him on this.

After quite a while, there is still no sign of him getting out of the bathroom.
Knocking on the bathroom door, “Are you still showering?”
The sound of the shower stops and she hears his ridicule reply, “Yes, do you want to join me?”

As he finally turns off the water, gets himself out of the shower, and comes out with the towel on his dripping wet hair.
She looks at him and starts to smile and he looks at her with his eyes narrow, “Are you that happy?”
“When I am feeling so unpleasant?......”
“Yup, yup,” and she starts to laugh louder.
He seizes her waist around his one arm, lifts her chin with the other and kisses her roughly, biting her lower lips as a punishment before he let go.
“Ow…., hurt” She covers her mouth and complains to him.
But he replies her only with an evil laugh.

After helping him blows dry his hair, she put on a light make-up, then they packed up and the two of them went to check-out the room.

For the whole morning, they stroll along the local market place, buy some tea leaves, tea tree oil, and green tea candies as souvenirs.
Because of his schedule, he has to get back to Seoul by night time, they left the town after finishing their lunch.
Along the way back, they listen to music, play some games and time passes by very quickly.
At her request, he manages to nap for about an hour more on the bus.

It is already evening time when they arrive at Seoul, getting off the coach bus, they hail a cab to her apartment. He will have to go directly to the studio, after he sent her home.

Before he leaves, he kisses her a long time, “I need to go now.”
“Mm,” It is already the third time he said it, but his arms are still snuggle her tightly, with no intention of letting go at all.

“The amount of sleep I have these 2 days are enough to last me a week.”
“How can that do? You must seize the time to rest well.” She strokes her hand lightly around his eyes area.
God is really kind to him, his skin is still in good shape even when he is so tired, as long as he grabs enough sleep, his eye bag and dark eye circles has gotten so much better.

“I really have to go now.” He planted a kiss again and let go finally.
After sending him off and closed the door, she still stands at the foyer with the same posture as she watched him left just now……

Credits:只想戒毒, from Chinese Ssangchu Baidu Island
Additional information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

© [只想戒毒 & ydwlai] 2009. All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of [只想戒毒 & ydwlai].

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  1. Are you gonna continue publish this story? I think it's really interesting..

  2. @A_girl I have to wait from the original author to release it. I don't know but I think this is the last part for "Vacation".